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The Chamber’s president, Thomas Donohue, has been in his seat

Chamber of Commerce, which spent a whopping $144 million on lobbying in 2009. The Chamber’s president, Thomas Donohue, has been in his seat for 13 years. His previous gig was 13 years as the CEO of the American Trucking Associations. 1. They focus on solutions. Where you focus your attention determines your emotional state.

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I can get lost in my own thoughts just as easily as I can lose myself in a conversation. Small talk doesn’t make me uncomfortable, but it does get boring. When it comes to trusting other people, sometimes I’m skeptical, and other times, I dive right in.

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You should stop caring about getting credit completely, because it is meaningless, and everybody will end up knowing it was you anyways. What you can do instead is always give your manager credit. If the CEO talks to you about something that went well, give credit to your manager for leading the team to success.

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Though plain old water may not sound all that remarkable, Schmitt explains how H2O can help negate the need for caffeine. “If we are dehydrated, we definitely aren’t able to concentrate as well,” Schmitt explains. “So you need to focus on drinking water all throughout the day, especially throughout that post lunch slump when you just can’t quite get going at 3 in the afternoon.

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