A Brief Biography

Salutations readers. My name is Bobby Fisher, one of the hosts, and founders of the Nerdfect Strangers podcast. This is my first real post on our new website, and it felt only appropriate that it should feel like a first date, a get-to-know-you profile, if you will.


Pictured: Me, Currently.

It was never easy for me, I was born a poor, black child. No, that’s not right. When it comes to my nerd-dom, my geeknicity, as it were, I got an early start. Some of my earliest memories include the original Burton Batman films, the 1960s Batman series in syndication, the celebrated classic Bruce  Timm Batman: The Animated Series, etc. My early years featured appearances by Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. I can distinctly remember having the old, non-articulated wrestling action figures including a wrestling ring.

A stiff, rubber man in brightly colored skivvies? Hours of formative fun for a toddler!

A stiff, rubber man in brightly colored skivvies? Hours of formative fun for a toddler!

Said wrestling ring would prove to be my downfall, however. In 1993 An ill-fated attempt at recreating a top-rope, high-risk maneuver, or just a clumsy five year old falling (depending on who you ask), led to a wrestling ban that was put into effect until roughly about 2000. I missed out on the Attitude Era, and thanks to the WWE Network, that’s been the impetus behind my Wrestling Time Machine project. When I was reintroduced to wrestling, I quickly gravitated to the Undertaker, and have been a fan ever since.

Growing up, I was always into comics, toys, etc. Toyfare and Wizard were my extracurricular textbooks, and Mego Spidey was a damn fine teacher.


Pictured:  Professor Tobey Maguire, and several unpaid Hugh Jackman interns.

I spent two years in college, pursuing my interests of paying to fail at math, which no man or woman was meant to understand. Devouring comics, video games and wrestling in between all that. My heart became set on writing on my own comics, and before you know it, this podcast sprang up, so I and others could have an outlet to discuss our interests.


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