The New Guy

glenntwit copyYeah, I’m the new guy. I snuck in under the radar as a co-host along about episode twenty-one. I’m the guy who doesn’t know wrestling. Worse than that, I’m the guy who also co-hosts another semi-wrestling-centric podcast and doesn’t know anything about wrestling. I’m a good listener though, and I’m learning. I do know my Stone Cold from Daniel Bryan, but that’s about it. Be patient, I’ll get it. Sooner or later.

atrain3 copyI do know other stuff however. Comics. Pop culture. French fries. Well, mostly comics. I have been called by some folks with authority one of the world’s foremost experts on the Avengers. I have a solid love for the Golden Age and the Silver Age. I love Justice League, and Flash, and Wonder Woman. I am damned hard to stump. If I don’t know it, it’s due to old age, not lack of knowing, trust me.

That’s about it, and oh yeah, I’m a shameless self-promoter. You can find me at my website, or at Biff Bam Pop!, where I’m the senior editor and contributing writer, and the South Jersey Writers’ Group, where I’m the membership director. Then there are my blogs on pop culture, French fries, and videogames, and my Twitter, and Facebook. I’m also co-host of The GAR! Podcast and The Make Mine Magic Podcast. And really, isn’t that enough?

And just in case you are starting to like me, just remember, Tremors V was my idea…

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