Young Justice: Introduction


If I’m being honest, I have to admit I was not a fan of the Young Justice comic series. First the concept of a second generation of Teen Titans didn’t sit well with me. I wanted a Teen Titans series, why not just give me that? The creators were iffy for me. Peter David is one of those writers who runs hot or cold for me, I either love him or hate him. And artist Todd Nauck is a great guy who I’ve interviewed a couple times. I love his Wildguard, but again, if I’m being honest, I just wasn’t into his style back then.

ayj2The characters again were not my cup of tea. I had never liked the smart aleck leather jacketed clone version of Superboy. I’m a purist, so for me young Princess Diana and Donna Troy were Wonder Girl, just as Dick Grayson was my Robin. I also never liked Impulse, I know, blasphemy for a Flash fan like me, but given the choice – I’d rather have new adventures of Barry Allen in the early 30th century than those of his obnoxious grandson. I was intrigued by the legacy character Arrowette, daughter of the Silver Age friend/foe of Green Arrow – Miss Arrowette. I also liked Red Tornado, but this interpretation was too machine for me, I wanted John Smith (or Ma Hunkel, who doesn’t love Ma Hunkel?). So I never really got into the comics.

All that said, when the TV series “Young Justice” began airing regularly in late 2011 on Cartoon Network, I was all in. The animation style was comparable to the pseudo-anime being done in the DC animated features and it was more Teen Titans than Young Justice. The continuity was new from scratch, designated Earth-16, so nothing was predictable, and I loved its slightly different version of the Justice League as well.

So with the show now on Netflix, with a possibility of a renewal, I’ll be rewatching and reviewing the series here at the Nerdfect Strangers site. Come along, it’ll be worth it.

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