Young Justice S01 E03: Welcome to Happy Harbor


We open on Star City, and Speedy appears to be going it alone against metahuman street thug Brick and his gang. Brick has some good monologuing about Green Arrow sending his kid to do his job. Speedy’s not alone however, the three original Young Justice members are there as well. It’s a social visit, but Speedy neither wants their company nor help. When they ask him to join, he declines. He doesn’t need them, Arrow, or the League. Wow.

Speedy’s demeanor is contagious. As the trio return to Mount Justice they find that boredom has set in. The League isn’t sending them on missions, they’re just cooling their heels in the old headquarters. There’s mention of how this HQ was compromised, and how everyone knows now where it is, that fact makes it the perfect hiding place – plain sight. No mention though that it was the Joker who blew that secret wide open.


We get more info on the new Aqualad as he reveals his real name Kaldur. And we learn a bit more about Miss Martian, and just a hint of her secrets as well. We know Wally is Kid Flash, and Superboy has no name being only a few weeks old, but it’s interesting that Batman has forbidden Robin from revealing his identity – keeping his eyes hidden by sunglasses. Hey, glasses worked for Clark Kent.


Miss Martian, after learning a harsh lesson about how uninvited telepathy is rude, determines to cheer up her new companions – especially Superboy, who seems to have a bigger stick up his butt than even Speedy. She shows the boys her Bioship. No, it’s not as dirty as it sounds, it’s a living ship from Mars that responds to her mental commands – just like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet when it was called the Robot Plane.

While the team is joyriding, Red Tornado alerts the team to an emergency at the Happy Harbor power plant. There they come face to face with a costumed threat – Mr. Twister. The name brings back delightful memories. Decades before the internet, and years before I ever saw the Teen Titans’ first adventure even referenced in another comic – I found out for myself when I came across a ratty coverless copy of Brave and the Bold #54 at a flea market, for a nickel.


This comic, well read before and after I got my hands on it, told the team-up tale of Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad – not yet even called the Teen Titans – fighting a Victorian-looking dude named Mr. Twister in the sleepy town of Hatton Corners. This new Mr. Twister is a cool updating of that character, but we know, even though the team doesn’t, that he’s really the Red Tornado. Or do we?

Nope. This Mr. Twister is a construct of Professor Thomas Oscar Morrow, enemy of both the Justice League and the Justice Society, and the creator of the Red Tornado. And this is the state of Easter eggs in the “Young Justice” universe. We’re not told any of this. You don’t need to know it, but if you do, the better this series gets. No hand holding.


In this episode we start to see this team come together. It’s a character building exercise as much as a trust building one. We get to see Miss Martian and Superboy learn to become a bit more human. There’s also the start of Miss Martian’s catchphrase “Hello, Megan!” which will become truly annoying in future episodes, until we learn its tragic origins. Robin continues with his wordplay, this time breaking down disturb and turb.

I’m really glad I decided to do rewatch of “Young Justice.” I had forgotten how good it was. Are you watching? Please let us know what you think here at Nerdfect Strangers.

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