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Wrestling Wrap-Up by Mike E. Dangerously

So The Mania after Raw is like Christmas/Krampus morning…you’re all pumped for new stories and maybe a debut here and there its WWE’S big dry erase board for stories all stories lead up to Mania and start fresh on the Raw after now let’s see what was Christmas and what was just Krampus…..

You might of stopped just now and said out loud or in your head…. Didn’t this guy assuming he’s a guy just get done doing a review well I felt I robbed you of an actual review of Raw and Mania yes I was a little Harsh on the PPV….because NXT was such a good PPV even though I didn’t really go into detail much about that either so…let’s begin….again….Then…. Now…..Forever?

So let’s start with NXT Takeover everyone of them is great because they’re stretched out throughout so we become these junkies wanting more really good wrestling….sure its on the network every Wednesday for an hour so that leads you with a always awesome tag match and one womans match then a main event thats either a hit or a miss depending on who it is really…..I mean that program is on point Hunter knows what the fans want….does he get it? Yes because he listens….so that’s why last year twice the women stole the show…hence why for me the women stole the show at Mania in the Triple threat they work so well together….So On this NXT PPV they had another Woman’s title match……well three titles were on the line that night but for me it was The King Of Strong Style that stole the show that’s right folks Shinsuke Nakamura debut on NXT and it was amazing especially if it was NXT flag bearer Sami Zayn’s last match in NXT what a way to go I’ve watched that match several times since Friday because it was amazing….. The Tag Team Titles were on the line as well the Tag Team Division is strong in NXT because it was Dusty Rhodes baby so they continued strong with Tag Teams with different styles and it has paid off big time so much that the fans love the teams and actually cheer for them. So that title match kicked off the show which got the fans pumped because the hot team right now is American Alpha picture a WAAAY better version of Team Angle winning the titles and actually showing emotions while holding the title its that investment that makes me like the brand even more. Now the Woman’s title Bayley had lightning in a bottle when she fought Sasha last year and you’re not gonna gel with certain styles did I see her walking out still champ? No! I knew it was gonna be Asuka walking out with the strap I just hope it brings out a different style in Bayley or perhaps we’ll get another Asuka vs Emma which was amazing at NXT Takeover London which no one seems to talk about so here’s hoping it leads to another Rematch down the road. The other matched had the Debut of Austin Aries another Indy darling who I expected big things soon from him and we also had an rare sighting of Bobby Rooooooode sighting as well as another AWESOME NJPW Star Kota Ibushi!!! I know right!? If you don’t know then get to know this dude is just as AWESOME as Shinsuke Nakamura!!! In fact go look up some NJPW you wanna talk about great wrestling…..Lucha Underground wishes they were New Japan instead of this weird mix of Lucha,Ring Of Honor, ECW that it is….anyway where was I!? Oh yes the NXT PPV it ended with Finn Vs Samoa Joe for the NXT Title… Where we seen a little color right out the gate which is fine and all if its an accident but on purpose in a TV PG crowd/audience at home its a big no-no so that made them do a few referee stoppage which made the crowd go nuts but didn’t stop the match really Joe kept up and Finn did his part in the end Finn end up with the win which means we’ll either get a Joe vs Finn three or maybe Finn vs Shinsuke Nakamura!!! TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY NOW!!!.

Now on to Wrestlemania it was a decent show just if you watched it from the Mnt.Kickstartnodywantstodrink!!-pre-show it made for a six hour PPV which wouldn’t of been bad had it not been for the end result. Yes Roman beat Triple H for the belt….which didn’t really have that big of an impact we all knew the outcome so by the time the match started we were crossing our arms with our noses up at it. For sure we waited for some swerve but sadly we got a new champ who if he just had someone speak for me and just destroy in the ring I would have been OK with this title win but this win I’m like….Meh…especially after the divas match where they went in as divas but came out as women which dawned a new title no more ugly butterfly belt. This match for me stole the show hands down it brought a HUGE spotlight on women’s wrestling which I hope down the road can main event or co-main event down the road at Mania you change the title change EVERYTHING!!

Now On to Raw….The Night After Mania crowd in lack of a better word are show stealers, They Let Shane’O-Mac run Raw for the night which totally made no sense being the night before he almost died trying to be Taker for CONTROL OF RAW!! So sorry Shane ya fell that 20 feet off the cell…wanna control Raw….for a night? So the writers knew going into this Raw the crowd was gonna be rowdy so they wrote a going away present for them because after every Wrestlemania the Raw after is full of Out Of Towner fans or in some cases Out Of Country. They gave the crowd what they wanted even booing Roman which he embraced it but at the same time it fell kinda flat…you knew the crowd he wasn’t in the main event so why even have him on TV?! So that being said The Raw After Mania which lets shorten that call it R.A.M. So It brings many debuts from NXT this year we got Apollo Crews which came as a shock but like Kevin Owens he also was called up early so this R.A.M was basically NXT lite with Crews debuting early against a former NXT alumni Tyler Breeze then We got another tag team to Watch Enizo and Big Cass who look to be going into a fued with The Dudley Boys which should be good if they gel well. This Raw was missing a certain Ambrose feel but I do believe he was killed by Brock the night before so taking off Raw was fine but he was on Smackdown this week soooooo no rest for the almost killed I guess who might fued with Jericho. The women had their night as well with the coronation of the new Women’s Title poor Charlotte was trying to be serious but the crowd who likes to sabotage the show wasn’t having it so it went from kayfabe to Hell real quick but now we might see a Fatal Four War with Becky,Sasha,Charlotte and Nattie so that should be good if they’re keeping Bayley in NXT for now. The weird thing of the night was the tag team title match New Day retain but The Wyatt Family attacked The League Of Nations….face turn? Or are they a weird Heel/face Austinish Group? They’re not NWO cool but….they’ve got my attention any time I see that prego lady light flash before their music so maybe this is a good thing. The main gave us EVERYTHING! from our Indy Favorites to Cesaro coming back yes folks the Swiss Superman came back let’s hope his mother isn’t named Martha….but this was for the number one contender for the title great match which ended with AJ Styles with the Win which didn’t end with a weird Champ comes in raises title guy stares at title then fade to black no that happened on Smackdown where Roman just repeated back everything AJ said now I’m not saying both are good at the mic but good god HELP HIM!!! Maybe their Mothers are named Martha?…Well the Ref just gave me the 10 count and I’m out…so Back To You Gorilla!

Young Justice S01 E07: Denial


When I was watching “Young Justice” on a weekly basis as it aired new on Cartoon Network, this was the episode that made me sit up and really take notice of what was going on here, and not just because Doctor Fate was one of my absolute favorite characters (the original version at least).

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Young Justice S01 E06: Infiltrator


Nobody likes being replaced, especially for a job you claim not to have wanted in the first placed. Well, that’s how Speedy’s feeling. After declining membership on The Team, and going solo from Green Arrow – Speedy has found new heroine Artemis is subbing for him as GA’s new sidekick and with Young Justice… and Artemis may be more than she seems…

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Young Justice S01 E05: Schooled


Even though they’ve only met once, briefly, Superman apparently doesn’t know what to make of his clone, Superboy. This failure on the elder’s part to communicate has filled Superboy with quite a bit of rage, and it’s finally getting on everyone’s nerves.

The opening is both a lot of fun and sad at the same time. There’s an accident on the bridge between Gotham City and Metropolis (yes, non-believers, they really are right across the river from each other) bring Superboy and Superman together to save a busload of schoolchildren. The conversation is awkward, Superboy asks for help learning to use his powers, and Superman is thankful for an excuse to leave.

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Young Justice S01 E04: Drop-Zone

ayj1The Team gets their first official mission, a covert recon mission to the tiny island nation of Santa Prisca. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because that’s where the super-villain Bane hails from. And the cult of Kobra is trying to take it over.

This episode really didn’t do anything for me the first time I saw it. It didn’t seem to follow suite of the superhero show it had promised. Bane and Kobra seemed odd choices as villains, and they were definitely not favorites of mine. I always thought Kobra worked better as designed in his 1970s solo title as opposed to the megalomaniac cult leader super-villain he later became. And Bane, to me, was at the center of the whole Bat-Azrael thing, which in my opinion was more a marketing stunt than a storyline. I never warmed to him.

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