Young Justice S01 E05: Schooled


Even though they’ve only met once, briefly, Superman apparently doesn’t know what to make of his clone, Superboy. This failure on the elder’s part to communicate has filled Superboy with quite a bit of rage, and it’s finally getting on everyone’s nerves.

The opening is both a lot of fun and sad at the same time. There’s an accident on the bridge between Gotham City and Metropolis (yes, non-believers, they really are right across the river from each other) bring Superboy and Superman together to save a busload of schoolchildren. The conversation is awkward, Superboy asks for help learning to use his powers, and Superman is thankful for an excuse to leave.

This is a shame, but of course I’d rather have a socially awkward Superman who doesn’t know how to deal with a clone of himself than the thoughtless mass murderer currently inhabiting our cinemas. The best part of the sequence is Bruce Wayne watching from his office. Before the other showed up he was going to change to Batman, via a secret drawer activated by a hidden button in a bust of Shakespeare, just like on the 1966 “Batman” TV series. Classic.

ayj2After an instructive training session where Black Canary is able to take down both Kid Flash and Superboy, The Team is given a new mission. In a battle that happens offscreen, something made me angry the first time I watched this, the Justice League barely defeats Amazo. Something as dangerous as an android that can absorb super powers has to be disposed of properly and in pieces. So along with some decoy trucks, The Team escorts the real Amazo to its final resting place.

ayj3Just as last time we were introduced to The Team’s stealth uniforms, this episode we get to see their motorcycle outfits, not as cool, but practical, I suppose. The cycles rock though. The trucks are attacked Professor Ivo’s robot monkey minions, called MONQIs, Mobile Optimal Neural Quotient Infiltrators, and the little buggers retrieve Amazo for Ivo.

Superboy goes rogue and catches up with Ivo just in time for Amazo to be reassembled. The android begins to clean the boy’s clock thoroughly. The battle rampaged through Robin’s school until the rest of The Team arrive and rescue Superboy. But even together, they are no match for the one man Justice League. Even with a guardian angel archer as a distraction, they can barely stay alive.


Working as a team and changing tactics do make a difference in the end however and The Team prevails even though Ivo gets away. Superboy feels a bit better, but Superman, even after a lecture from Batman may take some time. As for the arrow, The Team is convinced that Speedy has their backs… or does he?

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