Young Justice S01 E09: Bereft

ayj1Time is an extremely important factor in “Young Justice,” and it becomes even more important as the series continues. In “Downtime” it is specifically mentioned that Aqualad has been gone from Atlantis only two months, and the time stamps at the start of each episode verify that. With this episode, it starts to get complicated.

At the close of the last episode, Batman talked of a power surge in the Bialyan desert, with the intent of sending in The Team, the Justice League’s secret stealth weapon. Now we find them in that desert, in September, with no memory of the last four to six months. Something bad has happened.

Bialya is a fictional Libya stand-in, first created in the post-Crisis Justice League reboot, a hostile nation ruled by a madman, and then a metahuman super-villainess called the Queen Bee. She uses both subtle and direct mind control to get what she wants. Later when The Team’s memories are restored, Queen Bee’s rule is verified.


Meanwhile in the desert, Miss Martian is surprised to be on Earth, speaking Martian, and in this costume. Superboy is in an apparently mindless rage. There is Robin confused by the time loss, Kid Flash with no knowledge of why he’s wearing black (his stealth suit), and Artemis with Wally with no idea why she’s wearing a costume and thinking this is one of her dad’s tests – he probably wants her to kill Kid Flash.

Slowly the teens come together (sans Superboy and Aqualad), and Miss Martian helps to restore some of their memories. They are there to investigate an energy surge of non-terrestrial nature. It’s noted the site is lousy with Zeta Beam radiation. In the comics, the Zeta Beam teleports Adam Strange back and forth from Earth to Rann and vice-versa. Also, Wally and Artemis, with memories or attitudes, are getting a bit closer. Later it does much the same to Megan and Superboy.


While The Team sees to Aqualad, because Atlanteans, especially guys with gills, don’t do well in deserts, Miss Martian attempts to rescue Superboy. His memory loss is bad, because six months ago, he didn’t even exist. She comes upon something more dangerous however – Psimon. This old Marv Wolfman/George Perez New Teen Titans villain, voiced by Alan Tudyk of “Firefly,” is the one who made The Team forget.


After a mental duel that Megan wins spectacularly, The Team regroups on the other side of the border in equally fictional and hostile Qurac (sitting in for Iraq). The Light’s delivery system was a success, and the Sphere it brought through attached itself to Superboy. Known on its homeworld of New Genesis as the New Genesphere, which can transform into the sentient Super-Cycle from the old Forever People comics by Jack Kirby, but the kids don’t know any of that, yet…

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