Young Justice S01 E10: Targets

ayj1As with the last episode, this time we are dealing with fictional countries again as the “Young Justice” showrunners continue worldbuilding. Stand-ins for North and South Korea are North and South Rhelasia, and Red Arrow is there for the negotiations between the two nations. That’s where he stops Cheshire from taking out the new independent arbitrator… Lex Luthor.

Luthor is not the only familiar Metropolis name on the scene. Reporting for GBS Galaxy Broadcasting News is Cat Grant, formerly of the Daily Planet, but folks nowadays probably know her from her role on “Supergirl” as played by Callista Flockhart. Definitely in character, she is all about getting the shot.


The devilishly charming Lex Luthor hires Red Arrow, for free since the hero won’t take his blood money, to find out who’s trying to have him killed and the negotiations ruined. He attempts to interrogate Cheshire, but either through subconscious or subtlety it comes off as flirtation. No matter, Red Arrow is still on her trail when Sportsmaster breaks her out of jail and delivers her to Ra’s Al Ghul. Of course, no one is happy to see the former sidekick.

Meanwhile in Happy Harbor, it’s time for school. Miss Martian and Superboy specifically have been enrolled. Miss Martian shape-shifts to Caucasian and calls herself Megan Morse. Superboy takes the name Connor because Megan likes it, but when tasked for a last name, the Martian Manhunter suggests, without thinking obviously, Kent. Megan immediately jumps in to suggest it’s in honor of Kent Nelson. Close one, J’Onn.


At school Megan and Connor walk right into a basket of Easter eggs. They meet Marvin and Wendy, contemporary versions of the kids from the 1970s “Super Friends” show, along with Mal Duncan who’s been known as Guardian, Hornblower, the Herald, Vox, or just Mal. While Mal does his best Flash Thompson impression, there’s also Karen Beecher AKA Bumblebee, and even Snapper Carr as a teacher. Lotsa fun.

A final attempt is made on Luthor and the summit, although this time Red Arrow has Aqualad for back-up. In the combat Sportsmaster mentions a possible mole on The Team, and Cheshire calls it her third date with Red Arrow. Highlights of the episode included Mercy’s quiet cameo, Sportsmaster using a pole vault and discus as weapons, and Red Arrow turning on the sprinkler system to give Aqualad more water to work his sorcery with.


Of course at the end we find that Lex and R’as were not opponents, but partners, and may very well be members of The Light. Things are starting to get complex in this “Young Justice” worldbuilding exercise.

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