The Wrestling Time Machine: June of 1995

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(Content Warning: Blood, Violence, Weapons)

We begin the month of June, as with our previous columns, discussing the going-ons of World Championship Wrestling. Following the prior month’s assault of the 70 year old WCW Hall of Fame Inductee, Angelo Poffo-Randy “Macho Man” Savage would be out for the blood of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. While both men had been at odds, due in part to Savage’s association with Hulk Hogan through The Monster Maniacs, the two foes were already on a collision course thanks to the WCW United States Championship Tournament, but thanks to Flair’s actions at WCW Slamboree, “The Macho Man” wasn’t going to wait for Flair to step foot in a ring. Savage would spring forth from the shadows and


attack Ric Flair backstage, in a brutal and crazed beating, ultimately resulting in Flair leaving Center Stage and both men being eliminated from the tournament. The rest of June would see “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson and Flair attempt to antagonize Savage further. The bands that held Savage’s madness at bay were put through one hell of a stress test through the month of June, until June 18th when Savage and Flair would face off in the main event of WCW The Great American Bash. Randy

Walking Cane-Damage: 10, AP Used: 20, Speed: Medium, Value: 10

Savage would be joined at ringside by his father with a cane, Angelo Poffo, who despite his best efforts, the cane would be the petard that the Savage family would be hoisted upon. Despite Flair’s despicable tactics, Savage wasn’t done with “The Nature Boy” and the two would be scheduled to face off again in a Lifeguard Match at July’s WCW Bash at the Beach Pay-Per-View; with a Lifeguard Match simply being a specially beach-themed gimmick title for a traditional Lumberjack Match.

Sun, Surf and SLAMS!

While Savage & Flair battled in the main event of WCW, World Championship Wrestling’s Commissioner, Nick Bockwinkel would make a special announcement regarding Hulk Hogan and his ennemi de force, Big Van Vader during The Great American Bash. Nick Bockwinkel would announce that Mr. Hogan and Vader would meet again at WCW Bash at the Beach, the following month, in a Steel Cage Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. While Hogan strengthened his resolve and defenses for the challenge against Vader, the

Kevin Sullivan & The Goblet of Darkness

storm continued to brew in the distance through “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan and his growing army against Hulkamania. The Master would introduce the first new member of said army. A new Warrior that has crossed the burning sands of the Sahara Desert, a warrior who has slain the beast on the stones of Mt. Kilimanjaro, from the deepest darkest heart of the African continent, the Ugandan Giant, Kamala!

The WCW Midcard scene would heat up with two title matches featured at The Great American Bash. WCW World Television Champion, “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson attempted to defend his championship against the crazed Renegade of The Monster Maniacs. With “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart in his corner, The Renegade would capture the WCW World Television Championship from

Don’t tell The World’s Only Renegade Fan

Arn Anderson, in what was certainly a match. To his credit, Arn Anderson did everything he could to try and make The Renegade look strong. This would be The Renegade’s only championship accomplishment in World Championship Wrestling. The Renegade’s work was cut out for him, because his first title defense was scheduled against the winner of May’s tournament to decide the #1 Contender for the WCW World Television Championship, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, at WCW Bash at the Beach.

The aforementioned WCW United States Championship tournament would be restructured thanks to Flair & Savage having eliminated themselves from the competition, so the semifinal bout between Sting and Meng would instead become the final match. Even with Colonel Robert Parker in his corner, Meng’s destructive offense was no match for the precision and honed tactics of the man called Sting. Sting would walk out of The Great American Bash as a two-time WCW United States Champion.


Diamond Dallas Page finally had his fill of Dave Sullivan, and the possible fraternization between Dave and Kimberly, “The Diamond Doll”. To quote Dave Sullivan, “grabbing the horn by the bull”, DDP would challenge Dave to an Arm Wrestling Match at The Great American Bash. Diamond Dallas Page had been on a tear through WCW’s non-existent arm-wrestling division, thanks in no small part to the interference of Max Muscle. Page would focus his post-match ire on Muscle,

Hey Max, was this all Kimberly’s fault?

believing that Muscle had made a misstep in their routine that had led to success for DDP previously in arm-wrestling matches. Scumbag MaxTM would get DDP to refocus his anger on Kimberly. With Dave Sullivan’s victory over Page, he would get to keep his rabbit, Ralph and get to take Kimberly on a date, to see Disney’s The Lion King.

World Championship Wrestling’s Tag Team Division would see The Nasty Boys (Jerry Sags, and Brian Knobbs) defend the WCW World Tag Team Championships against the newest addition to the division, The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal, and


Earl Robert of Eaton) not once but twice. The Nasty Boys would first have to defend the championships against their pompous opponents The Blue Bloods first on WCW Saturday Night on June 17th, 1995. This initial match-up would be declared a No-Contest, thanks to the interference of Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray). The Blue Bloods would have another opportunity to capture at The Great American Bash, but would come up short against the champions a second time. Sister Sherri, and her boys Harlem Heat believed that the WCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity was rightfully theirs and would tear through Colonel Parker’s boys, “Dirty” Dick Slater and “Bunkhouse” Buck, even with Meng in their corner to prove that point. Interesting bit of trivia here, throughout The Great American Bash, Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat would be seen wearing a black t-shirt with his ring gear, this was due to a recent motorcycle accident.

Over at the World Wrestling Federation, the company was gearing up with a tournament of it’s own, The King of the Ring. Qualifying Matches for The King of Ring started the month prior at the inaugural In Your House, with Mabel defeating Adam Bomb. Following the additional qualifying matches, the bracket for the 1995 King of the Ring broke down thus:

Savio Vega was the work horse during the event, filling in for his buddy Razor Ramon, who due to a recent rib injury had to drop out of the competition, but would still be by Savio’s side. Vega would defeat Irwin R. Schyster to qualify in the opening match of the Pay-Per-View, go on to immediately face and defeat Yokozuna. Following his Qualifying Match victory against King Kong Bundy of

Rejected Name: Beefle Punchface

The Million Dollar Corporation on the 5/22/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW, Shawn Michaels would face Ted DiBiase’s newest acquisition, “The Supreme Fighting Machine” Kama. The future “Godfather” and “The Heartbreak Kid” would battle each other until the 15 Minute Time Limit expired, meaning that neither man would advance. Kama would then interfere in the following match, the first round match between Mable of Men on a Mission, and a foe that had been locked in Kama’s sights since WrestleMania XI, The Undertaker. Thanks to Kama’s

Beats writing angsty poetry…not that your dear author would know anything about that.

interference, and the lack of a winner between Kama and Shawn Michaels, Mabel would immediately advance to the finals. Kama’s antagonism of “The Phenom” would invoke “Creatures of the Night” to sit by ringside at events, with special gifts for The Undertaker, including at King of the Ring, where they would bring a black wreath to the event.

Vega continued to have his work cut out for him, as he would then have to face The Roadie, who would start to call himself “Road Dog” during the event, a continuation of foreshadowing that started during the second week of June of 1995, during Monday Night RAW. Vega would defeat Jeff Jarrett’s right-hand man, and square off against the colossal Mabel in the finals, only to be flattened

by the heavy hitter of Men on a Mission. Men on a Mission, as a Tag Team were in a semi-tweener role, teetering on the edge of being heels, and Mabel’s push here was to establish him as a monster heel to face Diesel. I actually felt really bad for Mabel watching this Pay-Per-View, he was elevated from a Tag Team role (having won the WWF Tag Team Championship only once with Mo, and holding it only for two days) to a significant singles push, likely before he was ready. The crowd in Philadelphia wasn’t kind, either. Granted,

Coronation, Mabel? This is bad booking.

Mabel had to contend with a contingent of ECW regulars in the front row throughout the night, who started an “ECW” chant during his match with Vega when it became evident that Mabel would win, and following his victory, Mabel would be pelted with garbage.

The Extreme Championship Wrestling chants during the match between Mabel and Savio Vega would inspire McMahon to reach out to Paul Heyman the following years and build the foundation between the two promoters.

Best friends watch TVs in a broom closet, right?

“Big Daddy Cool” and his new best friend, Bam Bam Bigelow would face off against their mutual enemies, The Million Dollar Corporation, in the form of members Sid and Tatanka in a Tag-Team match-up at King of the Ring. Diesel & Bam Bam would get the win, but little justice against Sid was gained, because during the match, Sid abandoned his Million Dollar Corporation compatriot. Tatanka would fall victim to the Jacknife and handed a pinfall for his troubles. Announced the following night that Sid vacating a match would no longer be a problem, as Diesel and Sid would be scheduled to face off against one another in a Lumberjack Match at July’s In Your House event for the WWF Championship.

Push-Up Pin? That’s a slice of fried BAKED gold, because baking is healthier than frying.

June of 1995 featured The BodyDonnas (Skip & Sunny) in their debut, and some impressive work from Candido as Skip. Candido was fully embracing the character from an early start. To the left, we have Skip beating Scott Taylor, who would go on to be Scotty 2 Hotty. Hunter Hearst Helmsley would beat Buck Quartermane in the fourth

“Eeewww. I got Jobber on me.”

week of June of 1995, debuting his new finisher, The Diamond Cutter The Pedigree. Featured during the June 12th edition of Monday Night RAW, Bam Bam Bigelow would face another notable jobber, Duane Gil, better known as Gilberg.

McMahon would continue to test the waters with turning Shawn Michaels into a full blown Baby Face. The last week of June of 1995 featured Michaels on commentary, and involved in the main event of that evening’s show, a match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship with “Double J” Jeff Jarrett with The Roadie at ringside defending his title against the industrious Savio Vega. During the match, Michaels continued pushing of The Roadie’s buttons would result in a distraction that led to Savio Vega almost getting a win and the WWF Intercontinental Championship around his waist, but as the referee brought his hand down for the third count, The Roadie nailed Vega with a clothesline. This meant that Vega got the win via Jeff Jarrett being Disqualified due to outside interference, but Jeff Jarrett would be allowed to retain his championship.

The WWF Tag Team Division would see a new addition as Travis (Chad Fortune) and Troy (Erik Watts) would get their Monday Night RAW debut as Tekno Team 2000. In their debut RAW match-up, Tekno Team 2000 (or as the kids called it TT2k) would defeat the team of John Krystal & Mike Khoury. Tekno Team 2000’s whole look and gimmick was…it was horrendous. It reeked of someone in their forties trying to capitalize on what the

This is it. This is the gimmick.

kids liked. I’m honestly surprised that the WWF didn’t want to push someone with a name like “Chad Fortune” as a new Million Dollar Corporation member, and honestly we’re probably all very lucky that they didn’t saddle the future “Ringmaster”, Steve Austin with that name. Tekno Team 2000 wore grey pleather jackets to the ring, and ribbed pads that looked like they were purchased from a hardware store. Travis (Chad Fortune) would go onto work with World Championship Wrestling as a spokesperson for the New World Order monster truck in 1999. I wish that I were making this up, but this was an actual effort that World Championship Wrestling put forth, and legitimately tried to bring the story of the NWO to the world of competitive monster trucks. The Smoking Gunns would also battle the team of The Phantom/The Black Phantom (The future Gangrel) and Jason Ahrndt, in the last week of June of 1995.

Maybe it’s time to think about putting Backlund in a home…

Bob Backlund’s presidential campaign kicked into high gear, as he was found pontificating regarding his platform outside of many WWF events, including WWF King of the Ring. The former North Dakota State University Bison went on an unfettered tirade against rock music, naming popular artists such as “The Crawling Stones” and “Frozen T”. Backlund’s tantrum claimed a casualty in one of Man Mountain Rock’s guitars, and igniting a feud between the two.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Jerry “The King” Lawler’s bitter rivalry reached a

The malodorous stench of defeat

podiatric new low following the inaugural In Your House event. After losing to “The King” at In Your House (following interference from Hakushi), Hart allowed Lawler to name his price for a rematch. Jerry Lawler forever looking for new ways to humiliate Bret Hart, would announce that he would face Bret Hart in a Kiss My Foot Match, a standard singles match wherein the loser has to kiss the victor’s foot. Lawler spent the weeks leading up to King of the Ring mercilessly taunting “The

Arch Enemies

Hitman” with footage of his “training”. At King of the Ring 1995, Lawler and Hart would meet face to face, foot to foot. Lawler thought that victory was within his grasp thanks to attempted interference from Hakushi and Shinja, but Hart was a step ahead, and managed to counter the offense and questionable tactics of “The King” into “The Hitman’s” patented Sharpshooter. Hart emerged victorious, and per the stipulation of the match set by “The King”, Hart would cram not only his foot, but Lawler’s own foot down the throat of his opponent. The following Monday,

The Taste of Defeat

on RAW, “The King” proclaimed that as a result of the toe-jam buffet that he was served at King of the Ring, that he suffered from “Terminal Halitosis” and had to pay a visit to his dentist, and close personal friend, Isaac Yankem, D.D.S. This wasn’t any ordinary dentist though, per Jerry Lawler, this dentist had competed previously as “The World’s Greatest Wrestler”, under an assumed name of course. Lawler promised that Yankem would debut in The World Wrestling Federation to extract his revenge and drill his way to the top of the organization.

Only The Mad Capper knows where the bodies are buried, Batman!

The WWF would also promote Mat Caps during the month of June. Remember wrestling? Well it’s back. IN POG FORM! Barry Didinsky would promote WWF Mat Caps with The Smoking Gunns, and The Mad Capper, a deranged and diminutive man, dressed like a bad magician at a birthday party, complete with a giant bow-tie featuring the WWF Mat Caps affixed to said bow-tie.

We depart the World Wrestling Federation for Extreme Championship Wrestling. The second week of June of 1995 featured the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, the Singapore Cane swinging, beer drinking, Marlboro smoking, Sandman having to defend against Shane Douglas the same night as having defeated Cactus Jack. The Sandman’s defeat of Cactus Jack would come with the assistance of “The Franchise”. Cactus Jack had done a number on The Sandman earlier in the night, including spots that featured Barbed Wire assisted elbow drops, but to his credit, The Sandman still had a great deal of fight in him. Cactus Jack would return the favor, and interfere in this match, preventing Shane Douglas from getting the rope break in a winning pinfall by The Sandman. The Triple Threat appeared and punished Cactus Jack for his interloping. The ECW World Heavyweight Champion had the crowd on his side, with the fervent ECW crowd chanting “We Want Flair” in an attempt to troll Douglas. Despite

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Cactus Jack’s best efforts to extract vengeance against “The Franchise”, Douglas had an ace up his sleeve in the form of referee, Bill Alfonso. The referee of the original contest , John Finnegan declared The Sandman the winner, but Bill Alfonso would appear, stick his nose in the mess, and declaring the match must continue. The Sandman, irate at having his victory overturned would attempt to smite Alfonso with his mighty Singapore Cane, but Cactus Jack recognizing that Alfonso would shut down the Philadelphia promotion if struck, took several cane blows from The Sandman in order to prevent that from happening. Following Alfonso’s declaration that the match must continue, “The Franchise” took advantage of the confusion, and rolled The Sandman up into a schoolboy for the 3 count, that Alfonso counted. Dean Malenko of The Triple Threat showed up and assaulted Cactus Jack’s ankle which had been injured earlier in the evening, in his challenge against The

Raven, a big fan.

Sandman. Tommy Dreamer eventually made the save for Cactus Jack, clearing Malenko and Douglas from the ring. There’s something to be said about the percentage of possession that is the law, and with Alfonso’s blessing, Shane Douglas left the match and the ECW arena with the Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. While Dreamer helped Jack to recover, Raven & Stevie Richards took advantage of the opportunity and attacked Dreamer. Raven brought with him the steel guard of an industrial-sized fan, and nailed Tommy Dreamer with a DDT on the steel guard.

The following week (6/13/95) on ECW Hardcore TV, it was clarified, that despite

Hardcore Jesus

Douglas’s best efforts to once again secure the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, that referee John Finnigan’s original decision stood, and as a result, The Sandman remained your ECW World Heavyweight Champion. The Sandman’s next challenge would be Cactus Jack in a Barbed Wire Rope Match on 6/17/95. For the unfamiliar, a Barbed Wire Rope Match involves the ropes of the squared circle being replaced with Barbed Wire. Highlights of the match are shown on the last week of June of 1995 (6/27/95). These two men beat each other to within an inch of their lives. Cactus Jack had laid The Sandman out, and referee Jim Molineaux counted The Sandman out for a 10 count, declaring  Cactus Jack the winner and new Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. However Jack’s celebration was short-lived, as Bill Alfonso appeared, declaring that

Might’ve done him a favor, though to be honest.

according to “The Commission” (Presumably the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission) the championship could not change hands on a 10 count, and ordered the match to continue. The Sandman, feeling the title slipping from his grasp, took the chance to choke out Cactus Jack using Barbed Wire. In the heat of choking out Cactus Jack, Jack would be tossed to the outside, where Alfonso called for the bell, alleging that Cactus Jack was unable to continue. The Sandman would retain, thanks to Alfonso’s actions. Tod Gordon wouldn’t take Alfonso’s interloping lying down, and confronted Alfonso in the ring, resulting in Alfonso nailing Gordon with a

This is healthy.

clothesline. The Sandman followed the match up, laying down the gauntlet and stating  he’d ignited a Worldwide powder Keg called Extreme Fever,  and put Douglas’s fire out.

We touched on Tommy Dreamer & Raven earlier in the article. Their volatile, vehement crusade against one another would reach new heights. The feud spilled over into the ECW Tag Team Division, with The Public Enemy facing off against Raven’s latest hired muscle, The Pitbulls in a Double Dog Collar Match for The ECW World Tag Team Championships. One man from each team would

I’d like to buy the world a coke…

be strapped into a dog collar, and chained to an opponent from the opposite team. The stipulation here was, that if The Public Enemy won, they would be granted five minutes alone with Stevie Richards. Despite some intense spots, and a double-pin, The Public Enemy was declared the winners. The Public Enemy would find themselves disappointed, as Raven would save his sidekick goofball from “The Mac Daddies of Violence” before too much damage could be done. Raven, in saving Richards

No. Not Quite.

fell victim to an attack by Tommy Dreamer. The two would melee until Luna could make the save for Dreamer. Raven, Stevie Richards, and Beaulah McGillicutty wanting to twist the knife further introduced ECW’s first vampire, The Vampire Warrior. The Vampire Warrior (the future Gangrel, and current WWF Wrestler, The Black Phantom/The Phantom) made his ECW debut defeating “The Shah” of ECW, Hack Meyers. Following this, Richards introduced The Vampire Warrior as none other than Luna’s estranged husband,


who has come to collect his blushing bride. The Vampire Warrior attacked Tommy Dreamer with the two men battling over Luna’s affection. Dreamer held his own against the creature of the night. Not to be outdone, Luna would prove that she was indeed metal AF by smearing The Vampire Warrior’s blood all over herself. Dreamer gained a measure of victory in beating The Vampire Warrior, but not before being bloodied and bruised. Following The Vampire Warrior’s debut, on the 6/20/1995 edition of Hardcore

Tommy The Vampire Slayer

TV, the night featured Beaulah challenging Luna, but with the referee’s back turned, and before the bell could be rung, Stevie Richards assaulted Luna from behind with a chair, allowing Beaulah to pick up the pinfall victory, against “The Queen of Extreme” in her debut match with Extreme Championship Wrestling. Following Beaulah’s victory, Raven celebrated by  loading his boot and kicking Luna. Dreamer made the save, but Raven snapped several of Dreamer’s fingers in a direction that…well, fingers shouldn’t be snapped in. Raven, knowing that Dreamer

The Hero We Deserve

would sooner put himself in harm’s way rather than let harm befall Luna, crucified Luna, handcuffing her to the outside of the ring and following through with a devastating blow from a steel chair, that the heroic Dreamer dove in front of to take. Raven teamed up with The Pitbulls to take on the scheduled the team of Tommy Dreamer with Taz and 2 Cold Scorpio in a match refereed by Bill Alfonso. Due to the earlier onslaught of punishment from Raven, Dreamer wasn’t able to compete. “The Shah of ECW”, Hack Meyers stuck up for the team of Taz and 2 Cold Scorpio, volunteering to substitute for Tommy Dreamer, but Alfonso would not permit the substitution. While the numbers game gave Raven and The Pitbulls the early advantage against the legal man, 2 Cold Scorpio, a tag to the all-new Taz allowed him to make the save with a series of Belly-to-Belly Suplexes. Joey Styles would comment on Taz’s explosive and consistent offense, calling it a “Path of Rage”. Throughout the match, a fan by ringside, ECW’s only Stevie Richards fan caught


Paul E.’s attention. Paul would comment that, “Some people have no taste, look at this idiot.” Styles stated that Paul’s statement was accurate just by virtue of WCW Saturday Night still being on the air. The fan finally got Richards’attention with Richards starting to get chummy with his new fan. Raven, upset that Richards’ attention was diverted from the match admonished Richards, and as Beaulah began to scream at the distracting fan, Raven took them both to the back, abandoning his post with The Pitbulls. The fan at ringside was none other than the future Francine. With Raven gone, Taz and 2 Cold Scorpio were able to secure a victory against The Pitbulls, despite some miscommunication between the two. Following their

You were saying?

victory, 2 Cold Scorpio got in the face of Taz and even attempted a cheap shot against Taz with a microphone, but the blow had no affect. Taz responded in kind with a modified Suplex variation.


The WCW Tag Team Division saw The Public Enemy successfully defend the ECW World Tag Team Championships against The Pitbulls in the aforementioned Double Dog Collar Match. Leaving the arena, Johnny Grunge pointed out to “Flyboy” Rocco Rock mysterious graffiti on the

Terminate On Sight

building across the street from the historic ECW Arena. The Public Enemy couldn’t focus too much on the new threat, with a title defense scheduled against Axl Rotten and a mystery partner of his choosing. Axl Rotten announced that his chosen partner would be his brother and former partner, Ian Rotten. The Bad Breed was ready to reunite and take The Public Enemy to task in their scheduled match-up, but Bill Alfonso announced that the match would not take place. Alfonso declared that this was due to the stipulations from a match several months prior at 1994’s November to Remember, wherein The Bad Breed lost to The Pitbulls and as a result were forced to split up. Not one to miss a fight, Axl struck his brother and the two brawled into the crowd, disappearing into the backstage area. The Public Enemy were announced as the victors by default and that is when newest threat to the two hoodies suddenly made themselves known. Jerome Young and Jamal Mustafa known on the streets as New Jack and Mustafa Saed attacked The Public Enemy using any weapons they could get their hands on, before being handcuffed and led out of the arena by Philadelphia’s Finest. It was clarified the following week by Joey Styles that the team of New Jack & Mustafa Saed-The Gangstas were not under contract with Extreme Championship Wrestling, and had dominated the Tag Team Division of Jim Cornette’s Smokey Mountain Wrestling before making their presence known and invading ECW. The 3 Time ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Public Enemy threatened Tod Gordon that if a match was not signed between themselves and these outsiders, that they would quit ECW. The match would be signed for ECW’s Hardcore Heaven event for 7/1/1995.

The Extreme Encyclopedia never steers us wrong

Extreme Championship Wrestling, always interested in taking shots at it’s competitors at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia featured crowd favorite, and enforcer of all things, ECW, 911 facing off against “Jungle” Jim Steele with 911 setting a record for the number of Chokeslams against a single opponent. Paul E. Dangerously dedicated the 3rd of the Chokeslams to all of ECW’s friends at CNN Tower in Atlanta, the 4th of the Chokeslams to WCW’s Ultimate Warrior The Renegade, and the 5th and final Chokeslam to Bill Alfonso.

This is where we’ll call it, wrestling fans. Keep an ear out for the next edition of The Wrestling Time Machine Podcast, with special guest Razerhawk from CHIKARA!







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