Top 10: Episodes of Nerdfect Strangers

Top 10: Episodes of Nerdfect Strangers by Jerry Whitworth

Recently, Nerdfect Strangers founder Bobby Fisher appeared on the PVDcast where host John Orlando mentioned that on average, most podcasts last ten to twelve episodes. To put that in perspective, Nerdfect Strangers has just published its 65th episode across just over four years with five co-hosts. Over that time, the Nerdfect Strangers has experienced triumphs such as Bobby marrying the love of his life Evette and tragedy with the loss of our co-host and dear friend Glenn Walker. The podcast has had nearly two dozen guests, three real-time comical film criticism Halloween specials, been downloaded over 4,700 times, and averages 73 downloads an episode. Of course, some episodes have proven to be more popular than others. And so, we present to you, the Nerdfect Strangers‘ ten most downloaded episodes.


The episode that started it all. In May 2014, Bobby Fisher and ”The Junkle” Jonathan Rodriguez came together to give listeners their backstories on how they became geeks as Bobby reminiscent about Azrael and Jonathan on Spider-Man as well as their mutual admiration for James O’Barr’s the Crow. They also spoke on their childhood love of pro wrestling being nearly sidelined by separate incidents that put them in the hospital and in trouble with their parents. Jonathan noted his admiration of pre-WWE Kevin Owens, then Kevin Steen in Ring of Honor, and Bobby’s devotion to the Undertaker.


Bobby and Jerry Whitworth tackle their first post-WrestleMania episode as they discuss 2015’s WrestleMania 31. Featuring the in-ring debut in WWE of Sting as D-Generation X faced the New World Order, the final WrestleMania appearance of AJ Lee who retired five days later, and Seth Rollins becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the first time after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract, the hosts expressed their views on the event being slightly above average compared to past Manias. Bobby also made mention of their first Facebook contest to win a $50 gift card to friend of the show Super-Fly Comics & Games.


Bobby, Jerry, and Glenn Walker return from a two month hiatus following the 2015 holiday season to produce the middle episode of a rapid succession of three episode drops. Jerry and Bobby go in on one of their frequent criticisms of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns’ writing and booking in the WWE which has become a Nerdfect Strangers staple. The pair also discuss the Bullet Club and New Japan invasion of WWE with Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows coming into the company and joining the main roster. The trio discuss the then upcoming slate of DC Extended Universe films including Suicide Squad (2016) and Wonder Woman (2017).


Bobby and Jerry talk about the first episode of Netflix‘s Daredevil and first trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) in this episode from April 2015. The duo also tackle the various controversies surrounding Frank Cho’s cheesecake art paying homage to Milo Manara and people’s implication of misogynism.



Returning from a two month hiatus in September 2015, Bobby and Jerry came together to discuss the results of SummerSlam. The event featured Arrow‘s Stephen Amell’s in-ring debut, Seth Rollins defeating John Cena ending the star’s five-month run as US champion to carry both that title and the world heavyweight championship thanks to interference from Jon Stewart of The Daily Show fame, and the Undertaker low-blowing Brock Lesnar to score a victory.


Bobby and Jerry returned from a one month hiatus to welcome the show’s first professional comic guests John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake to discuss their Kickstarter Kros: Hallowed Ground (2016) in July 2015. Featuring vampires at the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War, the eponymous Kros of Hallowed Ground must contend with his most dangerous opponent yet as bitter enemies are forced to align for their mutual survival.


Glenn joins Bobby and Jerry for his first Halloween episode of Nerdfect Strangers where he learns on-air he’s been accepted as a full-time co-host in this episode from October 2015. The trio discuss their Halloween experiences as Bobby explains to Glenn the history of the Monday Night Wars.


Bobby, Jerry, and Glenn return from a one month hiatus in November 2015 to interview Vito Delsante about his Kickstarter for his comic Stray. Paying homage to Silver and Bronze Age comics, Stray features the former sidekick of the Doberman who returns to the superhero community after solving the mystery of his mentor’s murder.




Co-host of the GAR! Podcast and the Make Mine Magic Podcast, Glenn Walker of Biff Bam Pop! was invited to audition to be a new co-host for Nerdfect Strangers. In addition to giving his history with coming into comics, Glenn discussed the film Masters of the Universe (1987) with Bobby and Jerry.



Debuting the same day as “Nerdfect Strangers Masterpiece Theatre 1000,” Bobby and Glenn discuss snack food before going into holiday plans in November 2015. Jerry went into news about Seth Rollins severely injuring his knee, Paige cutting a promo about Reid Flair, TNA’s move to POP TV, the death of Nick Bockwinkel, NXT growing into a touring brand, John Constantine appearing on Arrow, the popularity of the Supergirl TV series, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan being cast as Negan on The Walking Dead.

Honorable mentions: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Ass-Assin,” “Nerdfect Strangers Masterpiece Theatre 1000,” “In the TRULY OUTRAGEOUS Court of the CONDIMENT KING,” “The Megazord is INCOMPLETE!,” and “Dawn of the…SODA JERKS!!!

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