Mighty Morphin Ryu Ranger?

Mighty Morphin Ryu Ranger? by Jerry Whitworth

When it was announced that Street Fighter was going to have a presence in the mobile fighting game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars some months ago, the news seemed to be accompanied by crickets. While it was cool that Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Cammy, M. Bison, Akuma, and more were coming to the game, such crossovers in fighting games have become fairly commonplace in this day and age. Little did fans know that come San Diego Comic-Con International, we would get a proper crossover. Bat In The Sun Productions made a name for themselves with the 2003 fan film Batman Beyond: Year One but went on to generate a lot of buzz with its web series Super Power Beat Down. This lead to being hired by Valiant Comics to produce the live action web series Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe which included Jason David Frank of Power Rangers fame as Bloodshot, one of Valiant’s most established properties (in fact, Bloodshot will be the first character from Valiant adapted for feature film with Vin Diesel starring in the titular role). In San Diego, we learned Bat In The Sun’s latest project: Power Rangers Legacy War: Street Fighter Showdown.

From Lionsgate Games, nWay, and Bat In The Sun, the trailer for Power Rangers Legacy War: Street Fighter Showdown features the Morphin Grid being corrupted, the Power Rangers under the sway of an “evil sorceress,” M. Bison (Kevin Porter) revived with even more power, and Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) recruiting Ryu (Peter Jang) and Chun-Li (Gemma Nguyen) with Gia Moran (Ciara Hanna) to save the world. Being released this fall, the trailer stopped just short of showing the audience Ryu morphing. However, that same day, game play was released showing Ryu as the Ryu Ranger. Appearing as a white ranger with gold and red features (including a variation on his iconic headband and gloves), it has a bird motif reminiscent of Choujin Sentai Jetman (which was inspired by Science Ninja Team Gatchaman). While fans may eagerly anticipate the release of the film, just the live action version of this costume alone maybe worth the wait.

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