The Wrestling Time Machine: October of 1995

Lay down some newspapers on the kitchen table, turn on your favorite Spooky Sounds cassette, get the pumpkins ready, preheat the oven to 300 degrees for roasted pumpkin seeds; that’s right, it’s…October of 1995!!!

The first house on Wrestling Boulevard is that house owned by that mustachioed billionaire, Ted Turner. Old Man Turner is never actually seen at the house, but the estate’s administrator, Eric Bischoff is always around. WCW’s live Monday night program, Nitro, was in its second full month. The promotion was building their hype around the continuing feud of Hulk Hogan versus The Dungeon of Doom. World Championship Wrestling did so with Halloween Havoc interstitials and promos for solely the main event. Throughout the month of October, none of the adverts for Halloween Havoc talked about any of the other expected matches on the card.

The Dungeon of Doom had an ace in the hole, the “son” of André the Giant…The Giant. Nobody ever accused World Championship Wrestling’s strongest suit of being creative nomenclature. The Giant had been lurking in the shadows of

The jury’s still out on the Angel Grove thing, but I’m mostly certain that attempting murder on two separate occasions is a crime.

World Championship Wrestling since May of 1995. The Giant’s allegiance to The Dungeon of Doom was revealed in August of 1995 when he choked out Hulk Hogan during Hogan’s visit to the actual Dungeon of Doom. The Giant continued his assault on the avatar of Hulk-A-Mania through September of 1995 at the behest of The Dungeon of Doom. Transgressions included destroying Hulk Hogan’s prized motorcycle, trying to break Hulk Hogan’s neck on two separate occasions, and destroying the city of Angel Grove…That last one may have been someone else.

The escalating battle between Kevin Sullivan’s Dungeon of Doom and Hulk-A-Mania would see Sullivan pull a trick from the bag of “The Nature Boy” Ric

Two Bits!

Flair’s bag.  “The Taskmaster” dressed in drag and assaulted Hulk Hogan on the 10/2/1995 episode of Monday Nitro, before The Giant broke Hogan’s neck a second time. Sullivan then shaved the iconic mustache of Hulk Hogan. This was an effort to diminish the power of Hulk-A-Mania. The American Males and The Nasty Boys would both attempt to come to the aid of Hulk Hogan, but all four would wind up on the receiving end of The Giant’s devastating chokeslam. This would result in The American Males scheduled WCW World Tag Team Championship defense against The Nasty Boys declared a no-contest, with none of the competitors able to compete. The next piece of Hulk-A-Mania that The Dungeon of Doom sought to dismantle in this encounter was the iconic golden locks of The Hulkster, but when given the opportunity Zodiac (ironically enough, the former Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake) could not bring himself to clip the hair of Hulk Hogan. The WCW Universe was treated to its first tease of Hulk Hogan in black, the following week on the 10/9/95 broadcast of WCW Monday Nitro. The war between the unstoppable force of Hulk-A-Mania and the groundswell of occult opposition that was The Dungeon of Doom had escalated. Hulk Hogan explained to “Mean” Gene Okerlund that he felt the only way to combat their forces was to abandon the iconic red and yellow iconography that had served him so well in the past and embrace the dark side. Hulk Hogan then began to cut a promo against Vince McMahon. He explained to the WCW Universe that a long time ago, in the New York City area, that Hulk-A-Mania was running wild. The promoter’s ego;

Proud members of the WCW Universe

however, became bigger than the wrestling business. Hulk Hogan pulled himself and the troops of Hulk-A-Mania out of that promotion, only for that promoter to now be dying, choking on his own ego. Thankfully, Hogan discovered World Championship Wrestling. The Hulkster believed this was the perfect fertile ground for The Little Hulkamaniacs to grow into redwoods, but “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan wants to burn down those trees, and The Giant wants to cut down those trees, but they couldn’t stop Hulk Hogan from planting those seeds. I wish I was making all this up, but I’m not. Hulk Hogan seemingly cut a promo against his former employer, either of his own volition or at Eric Bischoff’s behest and then stumbled through a strange forest metaphor. Hogan’s promos at this time feel very dated, even for 1995. Ignoring the jabs at The World Wrestling Federation and more specifically, Vince McMahon, Hogan’s idea of insulting his opponent doesn’t evolve beyond grade school barbs. He continually refers to his opponent as the “big, stinky, nasty, smelly, warty, Giant”, all followed by a disdainful spit take. As Hogan’s promo comes to an end with him talking about wrestling Gorgeous George up in Heaven, The Giant makes his presence known at the Rosemont Horizon, showing up in his specially crafted Dungeon of Doom monster truck. The following week on the 10/16/95 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Kevin Sullivan elaborated for the crowd just why he was so focused on bringing an end to the forces of Hulk-A-Mania. Sullivan explained that ever since the day he was born, he knew that he was the personification of evil. “The Taskmaster” assured the WCW Universe that after Halloween Havoc in Detroit, Michigan, that all the young Hulk-A-Maniacs would become the children of The Dungeon of Doom. The Giant then threatened to push Hulk Hogan off the roof of Cobo Hall in their scheduled Monster Truck Sumo Match-Up. Later in the broadcast, WCW aired a pre-taped promo of Hulk Hogan with “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart. Hogan started the promo by forgetting what he called his fans, calling his fans “Hulk-A-Maniods”. Hogan then stated he could make any promoter fall to their knees and cry because Hulk-A-Mania is bigger than any promotion. Hogan threatened the Bigfoot Monster Truck Team to build him a bigger, more powerful monster truck, saying if they didn’t, he’d snap them in half. In no way exaggerating, Hogan then clearly explained the stakes to The WCW audience, that it was Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant for the destiny of wrestling. Hogan finished by assuring the audience that The Giant would wind up buried next to his father.

The following week on the 10/23/1995 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Sullivan’s “father” and the shadowy force backing The Dungeon of Doom, The Master (In reality, King Curtis Iaukea) delivered yet another wrestler to the clutches of The Dungeon of Doom, The  Yeti.

One of these two wrestlers was constantly referred to as a “rare white Bengal tiger” and it’s not the gentleman on the right.

The Master assured The Dungeon of  Dooom that this “insurance package” was dug out of 13 tons of ice from north of Katmandu, the Himalayas, and the north face of Mount Everest by sherpas. An iceberg could be seen on the Monday Nitro set. The Master declared that Hulk Hogan had abandoned his colors and embraced the color black because he walked in a land of madness. If there was ever any phrase that unintentionally best described World Championship Wrestling, it was this phrase. Sullivan predicted that evil lurked in Hogan’s heart. This will be important for July of 1996. During all of this exposition, The Master, and The Giant both referred to Hulk Hogan as a “rare white Bengal tiger” for…some reason.

Don’t worry, he’d outdo himself…

Not to be outdone, Hulk Hogan would cut his own promo later that night, alluding to OJ Simpson, a hot topic in pop culture through the fall of 1995. Hulk Hogan threatened to murder The Giant in their Halloween Havoc encounter, stating that everyone knew what a man with a pair of black gloves on and a black rag on his head was capable of doing. Hogan then turned his attention to his friends in World Championship Wrestling who were helping him defend Hulk-A-Mania. Hogan fell victim to anxious, paranoid delusions.

From the heights of The Aggro Crag!

He accused Sting, Randy Savage, and Lex Luthor of hovering over his carcass, waiting for their chance to pick him apart. As Hogan and The Giant came to blows at the end of the 10/23/1995, the iceberg exploded, and The Yeti’s presence was made known.

At Halloween Havoc (actually, the Saturday night before), the two behemoths met first on the rooftop of Cobo Hall. An uncredited Ellis Edwards (WCW’s stunt coordinator, who today still works with The WWE) stood in as the referee for the monster truck matchup. He briefed the two competitors on the following rules:

  • The two monster trucks would be welded together at the front of the trucks’ frames.
  • There would be two randomly placed explosive charges around the perimeter.
  •  The vibrations of the monster trucks could set these charges off.
  • If the explosive charges don’t disable the monster trucks, the drivers are to continue.
  • Both sets of axels must be pushed outside of the perimeter before a competitor could be declared the winner.

Beautiful, in its way

With two monster trucks welded together at their fronts, set within a ring of traffic barrels and barricades atop Cobo Hall, Hulk Hogan battled The Giant in a Monster Truck Sumo Match. As the trucks pushed against one another on the rain-slicked roof of Cobo Hall, Hogan’s truck was the first to fall victim to one of the two explosive charges. The Hulkster was able to soldier on and managed to push both sets of axels on The Dungeon of Doom’s monster truck outside the perimeter for a decisive victory. The Giant and Hulk Hogan exited their respective vehicles, but if Hogan was expecting a congratulatory handshake, he would be mistaken. The Giant aggressively

It’s a good thing Halloween Havoc is a FALL pay-per-view!

advanced on Hulk Hogan, only for the two to come to blows on the edge of Cobo Hall. Hulk Hogan powered out of The Giant’s clutches, only for The Giant to stagger and fall off the roof of Cobo Hall into the Detroit River. Even though Hogan had threatened to literally murder The Giant about 5 days ago, he was still shocked that the threat had come to pass, and ran for the nearest adult. World Championship Wrestling deserves some credit for this event. While the Monster Truck Sumo Match was bad, they were at least trying something new and radically different. After the homicide, Hulk Hogan figured it would be a good time to address the crowd, and so he made his way to the ring in Joe Luis Arena. Hogan testified that this wasn’t supposed to happen. Before Hogan’s testimonial could go any further, The Giant appeared! Despite having fallen several stories and into a river, The Giant was completely unscathed, he wasn’t even wet! The Giant entered the ring, and the match was started. With his own lightning bolt eyebrows, a symbol of his embrace of the darkness, Hulk Hogan held his own against The Giant. The Giant attempted to pin Hogan following a devastating chokeslam, but Hogan powered out, hulking up with the support of the crowd behind him. As Hogan went for a pinfall of his own following his signature Atomic Leg Drop and with his back turned away, Jimmy Hart nailed the referee with his megaphone. Jimmy Hart then fully turned against his client. Hart nailed Hogan in the back of the head

Consult your physician if your Yeti lasts longer than 4 hours.

with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship but to no avail. Hogan wouldn’t go down. With Hart’s distraction, The Giant was able to lock Hogan in another bear hug. Lex Luger and Randy Savage would run to the ring to make the save. Luger would turn against the forces of Hulk-A-Mania and join The Dungeon of Doom, as The Yeti lumbered to the ring. The Yeti wrapped his arms around Hulk Hogan as well to create a double-team bear hug that was inappropriate for all ages. The Giant was declared the winner via disqualification and absconded with the WCW World Heavyweight championship belt. The following night on WCW Monday Nitro, “The Mouth of the South” explained to the crowd that he was the evil that “The TaskMaster” alluded to that dwelled in Hulk Hogan’s house all along. Jimmy Hart further explained that he was the only manager Kevin Sullivan ever had and that while Sullivan was his past, The Giant and Lex Luthor were his future. The Giant declared that he couldn’t be knocked off the hill and that he’d defend the championship the following week on Monday Nitro.

On the 10/30/1995 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Eric Bischoff promoted another form of innovation, promising that the 11/06/1995 edition of WCW Monday Nitro would be interactive for the WCW Universe, declaring that the WCW fans would be able to control the matches for the evening. Portions of the roster would be divided into a red locker room and a blue locker room. The red locker room would contain Big Bubba, Scott Norton, Ric Flair, The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal & Earl Robert Eaton), Shark (Bischoff almost says ‘shit’), Meng, and Diamond Dallas Page. The blue locker room would contain Randy Savage, Sting, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Johnny B. Badd, The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags). 

The WCW United States Champion, Sting, found himself dragged into the escalating conflict between “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson and “Flyin'” Brian Pillman. Despite having come out victorious in their Fall Brawl encounter, “The Enforcer” wasn’t done with Ric Flair. Flair and Anderson locked up once again on the 10/2/1995 edition of WCW Monday Nitro. As Ric Flair had his former Four Horsemen compatriot locked in a decisive Figure Four leglock, Pillman interfered with a splash from the top rope.

The Power of the Punch

While Flair had his hands full with Anderson and Pillman, Sting had his only WCW United States Championship defense to be televised on WCW Monday Nitro during the month of October on the 10/9/1995 edition of Monday Nitro against The Dungeon of Doom’s Shark. Anderson and Pillman set out to crush Flair. In an effort to defend against additional interference, Flair and Anderson would meet again in the squared circle on the 10/9/95 edition of WCW Monday Nitro in a Steel Cage Match. The two battled it out again in the main event, but despite WCW’s best efforts, Pillman once again tried to interfere, seemingly during what would have been a clear victory for “The Nature Boy”. Anderson took advantage of the confusion to hit Flair with a knuckleduster kept in his left boot. Steve “Mongo” McMichael speculated that without anyone to watch his back, Flair should perhaps take all his money and buy himself a partner. After weeks of fruitlessly searching for a partner, Ric Flair found one in his longtime rival, Sting. On the 10/14/95 edition of WCW Pro, Flair secured the partnership of Sting. Sting assured “The Nature Boy” that if Flair swerved him, he would leave him for dead. With Sting paired with Flair, the two would be scheduled to match-up against Anderson & Pillman on the 10/16/95 edition, but as the match began, it became clear that Ric Flair was on his own. Despite the pleas from fans of “We want Sting”, he was nowhere to be found, as “The Nature Boy” was forced to hold his own against Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman. The house of fire that was Ric Flair began to fade, as

Pictured: The WCW Audience, 10/16/1995.

“The Enforcer” hit his patented Spinebuster, but Sting made his presence known, coming in for the save. Following a Manhatten Drop and Clothesline from Sting that dropped Anderson on the outside, and a toss from Sting to Pillman on the top rope, that deposited Pillman on the outside, Flair, and Sting were declared the winners as the result of a count-out. Sting would explain this was all part of his plan to make sure that Ric Flair was walking the straight and narrow. The Stinger was impressed with the amount of heart “The Nature Boy” showed, even with the odds stacked against him. Bobby “The Brain Heenan” noted that this was the first time that Sting and Ric Flair had teamed together since 1990, but actually last occurred at WCW Clash of the Champions XXVI on 1/27/1994 where Sting and Ric Flair teamed together to defeat Big Van Vader and Rick Rude with Harley Race in an Elimination Tag Team Match in the main event, and in fact Ric Flair and Sting never teamed together in 1990. At WCW Halloween Havoc, Sting made his way to the ring by himself. Tony Schiavone stated that Flair had been attacked at some point by Anderson and Pillman prior to the match. Sting put forth his best effort to fend off the offense of “The Enforcer” and “Flyin'” Brian Pillman. We’d continue to see the development of Pillman’s “Loose  Cannon” gimmick, as he’d snap at a cameraman towards the beginning of the match. After about 6 minutes 23 seconds, Flair emerged from the back, a bandage on his head to seemingly help his partner. The moment Sting made the hot tag, Flair entered the ring and turned on his partner.  This was arguably the biggest attempt by any of the three companies at a swerve this year, so far, but the swerve fell flat. Nobody believed for a second that “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair could be swayed from his evil ways for so long. The following Monday on the 10/30/95 edition of Nitro, Flair explained that The Four Horsemen were reuniting, and while right now there were only 3, soon they’d have their 4th member. Flair then explained, “Sting is a lot like a lot of the women they deal with, they’re gonna tell him what he wants to hear and do what they wanna do and if you don’t like it, your friends don’t like it, next Monday, the 4 Horsemen will be in town ready to go to work.” Something that doesn’t age particularly well. Even for professional wrestling, this whole story starts to fall apart when you think about it for more than two seconds. Ric Flair could have just reformed The Four Horsemen and beat up Sting without the needlessly machiavellian scheme of convincing Sting to team up with him.

World Championship Wrestling World Television Champion,  Diamond Dallas Page faced the first challenger to his championship reign in Johnny B. Badd. Following his victory over The Renegade for the WCW World Television Championship at WCW Fall Brawl, DDP felt incensed that Badd was being granted a shot at Sting’s WCW United States Championship. DDP and his crony, Maxx Muscle, flattened the tires on Badd’s car. Badd would miss his shot against Sting on WCW Saturday Night, and an interview segment with Gene Okerlund,

The Mascot Community would not take this aggression lying down.

Muscle revealed that he and Page had indeed flattened the tires. Badd shifted his focus on championship gold to the WCW World Television Championship and was set to square-off against Diamond Dallas Page for that very championship belt on the 10/16/1995 edition of WCW Monday Nitro. Page was in a foul mood as he made his way to the ring for his championship defense, shoving perennial WCW mascot, Wildcat Willie to the ground. Before the bell could ring for their scheduled match, DDP nailed Badd in the back of the head with the WCW World Television Championship belt, was

It’s just rude to take another man’s Badd Blaster without asking.

disqualified (and therefore retained), and claimed the Badd Blaster for his own. The two squared off again in a match with the championship title on the line at WCW Halloween Havoc, but Badd was ready with some tricks of his own. With a stand-in making his entrance for him, Johnny B. Badd snuck into the ring at Halloween Havoc and decked Page. If you’re counting, this is the second PPV in a row from World Championship Wrestling that featured some sort of entrance shenanigans, with the month prior featuring an all-not-too-dissimilar situation between Sgt. Craig “The Pitbull” Pittman and Cobra. The two battled for just over 17 minutes for the fate of the WCW World Television Championship, and Badd managed to catch the eye of The Diamond Doll/Kimberly. She even gave Badd a score of 10 following some impressive offense. Ultimately, it was the interference of Maxx Muscle that led to a clothesline to his charge, DDP. This miscommunication allowed Badd to secure the 3-count for the win and the WCW World Television Championship.

The World Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Championships weren’t defended through the month of October on Monday Nitro or at Halloween Havoc. Eric Bischoff did hint on the 10/16/1995 edition of WCW Monday Nitro that The WCW International Committee was considering establishing a cruiserweight division in World Championship Wrestling.

Randy Savage continued his descent into paranoia, as his personal problems with newcomer Lex Luger lingered. After an attack from The Dungeon of Doom last month, Savage and Luger were scheduled to meet one-on-one on the

Randy Savage has as much personality as Lex Luger doesn’t.

10/2/1995 edition of WCW Monday Nitro. Luger would wind up getting irish-whipped into Referee Randy Anderson. With the referee unconscious, there was no one to count the pinfall for Savage after his signature Diving Elbow Drop. The Giant made his way to the ring. With Luger facing away from all the action, The Giant chokeslammed Randy Savage. As the referee and Lex Luger made their way to their feet, Luger locked an unconscious Savage in The Torture Rack to secure his victory. The following week, Sting offered a solution to “The Total Package” and “The Macho Man”. Randy Savage took exception to the fact that Sting hadn’t been chokeslammed by The Giant. Sting leveled the playing field by acknowledging the three of them all want to be WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Sting stated that at Halloween Havoc, both Luger and Savage were

I don’t think Sting’s going to like the next year or so…

booked in matches against The Dungeon of Doom members Meng and Kamala, respectively. Sting proposed that if both Randy Savage and Lex Luger were successful in their matches, that the two could have a rematch against one another. Luger tried to get out of this proposal, but Sting wouldn’t have any of it. Sting stated he’d been sticking up for Luger this whole time, and he was tired of being Luger’s babysitter. Luger finally acquiesced and agreed to the match. Sting and Lex Luger would square off against Harlem Heat in the main event of the 10/23/1995 edition of Monday Nitro. Harlem Heat’s manager, Sister Sherri was busy kissing a polaroid picture of Colonel Robert Parker as the match began. While Booker T and Stevie Ray were able to execute a double-team suplex to Luger, Sting took advantage of an opening to nail a big diving clothesline to win the match. The feeling of accomplishment was shortlived as The Giant and “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan made their way to the ring. The Giant chokeslammed the pair but were saved by Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. At Halloween Havoc, Randy Savage successfully defeated The Zodiac in record time at only 1 minute 30 seconds, despite a fan’s interference. Savage’s scheduled opponent, Kamala had left World Championship Wrestling before he could face off against Savage. Luger meanwhile struggled to defeat Meng. As Meng went for the pinfall after a Golden Spike felled “The Total Package”, Kevin Sullivan broke the pin up. Sullivan made his intentions clear, he wanted Lex Luger to face-off against Randy Savage. As the match began, Luger offered Savage a handshake, but Savage refused, kicking his opponent. “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart made his way to the ring at about halfway through the match. After an attempted diving double axe-handle by Savage was thwarted by Luger, Jimmy Hart got onto the ring apron to distract the referee. Savage managed to whip Luger into Hart, leaving Luger vulnerable for the Diving Elbow Drop and the pinfall. Luger would later join The Dungeon of Doom in the ensuing brouhaha of the Halloween Havoc main event featuring The Giant and Hulk Hogan. As The Giant had Hogan locked in a crippling bear hug, Randy Savage and Lex Luger ran to the ring, only for Luger to turn and attack “The Macho Man” to prevent him from saving Hogan. Lex Luger’s first match as a member of The Dungeon of Doom featured him and Meng facing and defeating The American Males on the 10/30/1995 edition of Monday Nitro.

Sabu continued his shortlived swathe of destruction through World

A Sheik-Kabob, if you will.

Championship Wrestling. Sabu defeated Mr. JL on the 10/9/95 edition of  Monday Nitro with a Half Camel Clutch. Sabu again faced off against Mr. JL at Halloween Havoc with The Sheik at his side. Following an Arabian Press, Sabu scored a second victory against the masked superstar. The Sheik punctuated the victory with a fireball in the face of Mr. JL. October of 1995 saw the WCW debut of another Extreme Championship Wrestling alumni, Chris Benoit. On the 10/9/95 edition, the former member of The Triple Threat appeared outside of the arena, being dropped off by a limousine. In one of just many fantastic matches, the two would

The Hockey-iest of Hairs

have against one another, Chris Benoit faced off against Eddie Guerrero on the 10/16/1995 edition of Monday Nitro. Benoit would later team with Malenko against Eddie Guerrero and Mr. JL on the 10/23/95 edition of Monday Nitro. Before he was busy being a pest and holding back the growing Women’s Division of Impact Wrestling, Disco Inferno was busy annoying the superstars of World Championship Wrestling. Showing up and annoying the likes of Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Big Bubba Rogers, Road Warrior Hawk, Meng, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Sabu. Heenan assured the WCW Universe that Disco Inferno was about to start his Shake Your Booty Tour starring Disco Inferno, Donna Summers, KC & The Sunshine Band and Chaka Khan. With several attempted murders, fresh faces and talk of a cruiserweight division, World Championship Wrestling was working to set itself apart from the distinguished competition.

World Wrestling Federation Champion Diesel was scheduled to face off against Camp Cornette’s British Bulldog. The ill will between the two could be traced back to The British Bulldog turning on Diesel in a tag team match against Men On a Mission on the 8/21/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW. Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker were scheduled to face off against The British Bulldog, Owen Hart and Yokozuna following a confrontation between the six from the 9/25/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW. The six faced off against one another in a Six-Man tag team match on the 10/9/95 edition of Monday Night RAW. Several other superstars with bones to pick spilled out into the match, with Dean Douglas attacking Shawn Michaels on the outside, and Waylon Mercy spying on The Undertaker from afar. It was a combination of a leg drop from Yokozuna and a Running Powerslam from The British Bulldog that allowed Davey Boy Smith to get a 3-count pin on Diesel for the win. At the end of the

An outlandish claim from Jim Cornette? You do go on.

broadcast, Jim Cornette contended that Davey Boy Smith hadn’t received what was rightfully his, The WWF Championship. In an impassioned promo on the 10/9/95 edition of Monday Night RAW wherein, he referenced Dusty Rhodes, Jim Cornette declared that The British Bulldog would defeat “Big Daddy Cool” and take The WWF Championship back to England where it belongs. Of course, the biggest revelation was that The British Bulldog’s plain brown ballcap was a gift from Princess Diana. On the 10/16/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW, highlights of an interview from The WWF World Tour de Force from Doc Hendrix interviewing Jim Cornette, Cornette would elaborate on Smith not getting his due. He posited that this has been a longstanding conspiracy in The World Wrestling Federation and that past champions feared The British Bulldog.

British Bulldog to Diesel 4

Cornette revealed that Smith’s cheap shots from the 8/21/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW and his alliance with Jim Cornette were all part of an elaborate ruse to humiliate Diesel into putting The WWF Championship up for grabs in a match for a chance to get even with The British Bulldog. The British Bulldog faced off at WWF In Your House 4: Northern Exposure Great White North in a solid showing from both competitors (perhaps minus the worst Sharpshooter attempt from a professional wrestler, as The British Bulldog attempted to lock The Sharpshooter on Diesel). Jim Cornette’s efforts to insert himself into the match earned him an inadvertent running elbow smashed into his face from his client. Out for the match on commentary was Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who was scheduled to face the winner of the match. As the two competitors took the action to the outside of the ring, Davey Boy Smith would arrogantly shove his brother-in-law. “The Hitman” responded in kind, following The British Bulldog into the ring to deliver a sound beating to Smith. The fight between the two resulted in The British Bulldog being declared the winner, via disqualification. Smith walked away without The WWF Championship, and Hart had earned the ire of “Big Daddy Cool”. Bret Hart and Diesel would end the event in an intense physical altercation, with several members of the locker room trying to keep them apart.

Yes…Wrestling…I see…

WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels had a rough October. Having outsmarted Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3 Kid, Dean Douglas had his sights set on the WWF Intercontinental Championship. During the 10/9/95 edition of Monday Night RAW’s 6-Man tag team match, Douglas made his presence known first under the guise of taking notes, attacking “The Heartbreak Kid” during the match. As Mabel attacked The Undertaker leading to the disqualification, Douglas saw his opening and struck a weary Michaels on the outside. Several blows, a shoulder thrust into Michaels into the ring apron and a gourdbuster onto the steel ring steps left Douglas happy with his efforts, and Michaels laid out on the outside of the ring. Douglas wouldn’t escape unscathed, as a young female fan would physically admonish Douglas for his interference and underhanded tactics. Additionally, Interim-President Gorilla Monsoon would levy a fine of $7,500 against Douglas. Several days later on 10/13/1995, Michaels was physically assaulted in a bar by several US servicemen. There are several takes on the story, but for more, I’d refer you to this recap from The Wrestling Observer. With the incident making headlines, and Michaels not being cleared for competition, The WWF was forced to acknowledge what happened. At WWF In Your House 4: Great White North, Dean Douglas was awarded the WWF Intercontinental Championship, as Michaels was forced to relinquish the championship. WWF Interim-President Gorilla Monsoon awarded Douglas the championship, and then put Douglas in a position to immediately defend his

What’re you gonna do

newly-awarded prize. Douglas faced off against Razor Ramon in his only title defense with The World Wrestling Federation, only to lose the championship to “Da Bad Guy”. In one of the highlights of his WWF run, Dean Douglas does make Razor look great in the match they have together. It was during this match that I had some insight on what could have made Dean Douglas a better character in The WWF. Specifically, a hypocritical focus on rules and traditional wrestling, à la his last few weeks in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and a fictional university added to his backstory. The following night on the 10/23/1995 edition of WWF Monday Night RAW, The WWF held a 20 man Over-The-Top Battle Royale to determine the number one contender for the


WWF Intercontinental Championship, with Owen Hart securing his spot. Michaels would still have an opportunity to take on Douglas. That same night, WWF Survivor Series would be announced. The event would come with a special theme that would precede a theme currently permeating The WWE Universe. That’s right, a WILDCARD theme. Shawn Michaels would captain one team consisting of himself, Sycho Sid, The British Bulldog, and newcomer Ahmed Johnson. Dean Douglas would captain the opposing team consisting of himself, Yokozuna, Owen Hart, and Razor Ramon.

Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3 Kid’s friendship was put to the test again throughout the month of October. The machinations of Dean Douglas’ efforts left Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3 Kid on tenuous terms. The two decided the best way to settle things was with a match.  The two faced off against one another on the 10/2/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW. Though Lawler stated he saw “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase talking with The 1-2-3 Kid, “The Million Dollar Man” wouldn’t make his presence known through the match. Razor avenged his  1993 loss to The 1-2-3 Kid following a big clothesline. Following the loss, The 1-2-3 Kid demanded another match immediately. Ramon happily obliged, handing The 1-2-3 Kid another loss following a failed top rope maneuver delivered The 1-2-3 Kid into the hands of Ramon for a powerbomb.  With two losses in a row, The 1-2-3 Kid refused to take no for an answer. Razor at first looked to nail the kid with the Razor’s Edge but instead rolled The 1-2-3 Kid up in a small package for a third victory. Da Bad Guy had a newfound respect for his friend. The two

YO! MTV Raps!

would take the new strength in their friendship and attempt to capture the WWF Tag Team Championships from The Smoking Gunns at In Your House 4. Meanwhile, Billy and Bart Gunn worked to defend their championship gold against USWA Tag Team Champions, PG-13. PG-13 was the team of J.C. Ice and Wolfie D. It was evident that WWE was attempting to appeal to a younger demographic. Hailing from that bastion of hip-hop, Nashville, Tennessee, J.C. Ice & Wolfie D debuted on the 10/2/1995 edition of WWF Monday Night RAW squaring off against Al Brown and Sonny Rogers. PG-13 managed to put Brown & Rogers away with a

Jobbin’ & Lockin’

flurry of tandem offense, peppered with dance moves. The team cemented their victory with a tandem tilt-a-whirl body splash maneuver. PG-13 was granted an opportunity to face off against The Smoking Gunns on the 10/16/1995 edition of WWF Monday Night RAW. PG-13 didn’t have much offense against The Smoking Gunns and failed to capture a victory against the WWF Tag Team Champions. The Smoking Gunns then defended the championship gold against Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3 Kid at WWF In Your House 4: Great White North. The 1-2-3 Kid would resort to several ethically questionable tactics through the match. After Razor nailed Billy Gunn with The Razor’s Edge, The 1-2-3 Kid begged for Ramon to make the tag so that he could get the pinfall, but Billy Gunn wound up reversing The 1-2-3 Kid’s pin on the 2 count, and secured victory for The Smoking Gunns. Following the loss, The 1-2-3 Kid began throwing a tantrum, leading to him attacking The Smoking Gunns, and trying to abscond with the pair of championship belts. Razor Ramon made his way back to the ring and made peace between the two teams.

Alundra Blayze squared off against her newest (and with Bull Nakano gone from

The first lady of Suplex City

The World Wrestling Federation following a charge for cocaine possession) only-est rival, powerhouse Bertha Faye on the 10/23/1995 edition of WWF Monday Night RAW. Having lost the WWF Women’s Championship to Bertha Faye at SummerSlam, Blayze challenged for the championship. With no other women on the roster, and women’s wrestling not being seen as a priority, there wasn’t much to do with the WWF Women’s Championship except for pass it back and forth between the two competitors, talented as they were. Blayze managed to defeat Faye and recapture the WWF Women’s Championship after Faye accidentally ran into her manager and main squeeze, Harvey Wippleman. With an opening presented, Alundra hit a big german suplex on her opponent and stuck the bridge for the pin.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart, while announced as the number one contender for the WWF Championship, had his hands full with Jerry “The King” Lawler and his diabolical dentist, Isaac Yankem, DDS. Following a rematch against his In Your House 3: Triple Header opponent, Jean-Pierre LaFitte in the main event of the 10/2/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW, Lawler got in the face of “The Hitman”. The two became entangled in a brawl, with Isaac Yankem making the save with a DDS DDT. It was then announced by Interim-President Gorilla Monsoon, that as a result of Lawler’s provocation, Hart and Yankem would face off in a Steel Cage Match on the 10/16/95 edition of Monday Night RAW. The following week on the 10/9/95 edition of Monday Night RAW, Monsoon would

Some of you can HEAR part of this gif

announce that if Lawler inserted himself into this match, he would be locked in a small cage, suspended above the ring. On the 10/16/95 edition of Monday Night RAW, Lawler dropped several key related hints throughout the broadcast. As the two opponents did battle in the big blue cage, Yankem slowly started to try to escape up the cage early on, only for Hart to pull the diabolical dentist down from the heights of the steel. Hart laid in a series of stomps before making his way to the door. Hart ordered the cage to be unlocked, but the referees were unable to unlock the door. It was then that Jerry “The King” Lawler revealed to the WWE Universe that he had switched the locks! After Hart entangled Yankem in The


Sharpshooter, Hart saw a chance to escape, only for Lawler to pummel Hart with a series of punches. The right hands of Lawler dunked Hart back into the squared circle, but Lawler’s interference would have consequences. To the tune of the crowd’s “Burger King” chants, Lawler was hoisted above the steel cage, just out of reach of the two grapplers. Though Lawler and his machinations were supposed to have been rendered ineffectual by the efforts of Gorilla Monsoon, that didn’t stop a bloody-nosed “King” from tossing Yankem the key needed to unlock the steel cage. Despite Yankem’s best efforts, Hart would fell the Doctor of Dental Surgery with a diving forearm and climb out of the cage. Hart’s interference at In Your House 4: Great White North secured his scheduled opponent as “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel. On the 10/30/1995 edition of WWF Monday Night RAW, Hart assured the WWE Universe that in their scheduled N0 Disqualification match, that Diesel would meet Hart as the truck stop to Diesel’s WWF Championship reign.

During October’s Six-Man tag-team match, The Undertaker was assaulted by

Pound-for-pound, the worst way to go

King Mabel and Yokozuna. The combined efforts of the two colossal superstars left The Undertaker out of action for the next several weeks. Really, The Undertaker was taking time to deal with an injured orbital bone. The Undertaker’s scheduled match-up against King Mabel for In Your House 4: Great White North would be rescheduled as King Mabel with Sir Mo in his corner vs. Yokozuna with Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji in the opposite corner. With King Mabel weighing in at 568 lbs and Yokozuna billed at 641 lbs, that would be a combined total of 1,209 lbs of hoss in the ring. The match was not great. The match ultimately ended in a

Too Sooie

double-countout, and perhaps the world’s biggest hug. Hunter Hearst Helmsley earned the ire of Fatu and Henry O. Godwinn. Fatu faced off against Hunter Hearst Helmsley at In Your House 4. The match saw Helmsley introduce several additional objects to his blueblood gimmick, including a cane and a bottle of cologne. After falling victim to The Pedigree, Fatu was pinned by “The Connecticut Blueblood” Following the match, Hunter had some choice words about the odorous state of the WWF superstars, but was chased off by Henry O. Godwinn. After several months of vignettes, Goldust debuted to the WWF Universe, facing off against a

The Marty Jannetty bubble burst

returning Marty Jannetty at In Your House 4. The WWF Universe didn’t know quite what to make of the living cinematic villain at first, but Goldust was at least victorious in his debut match. A gourdbuster allowed Goldust to secure the three-count over Fruit Strip gum enthusiast, Marty Jannetty. This was much to the delight of the Bela Legossi cosplayer in the audience. Jannetty, fresh of his shortlived stint in ECW and his loss to Goldust, would participate in the 10/23/1995 Monday Night RAW 20 man Over-The-Top Battle Royale to determine the number one contender for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Jannetty made it to the

Book them against those WCW fans from earlier

end of the match, outlasting 18 other superstars but failed to topple Owen Hart. Goldust even scored his own fan section on the 10/30/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW. World Championship Wrestling wasn’t the only organization to flirt with OJ Simpson references throughout the month of October. On the 10/2/1995 edition of WWF Monday Night RAW, Vince had the bright idea to solicit fans to call into a 1-800 hotline to pay and vote about whether they thought OJ Simpson was innocent or guilty. The WWF assured fans that proceeds from the voting would


go to a charity fighting domestic abuse…that they didn’t even consult with beforehand. The organization refused to accept the funds. The WWF Universe voted 49% to 51% that yes, OJ Simpson was guilty.

Starting on the 10/16/1995 edition of Monday Night RAW, The WWE Universe got a peek at one of the promotion’s newest competitors, Ahmed Johnson. Johnson talked about honor and doing the best he could for his mother.

Reigning ECW World Heavyweight Champion, The Sandman continued to fend off the advances of perennial ECW underdog, Mikey Whipwreck. The two met in a Six-Man Steel Cage tag-team match. The Sandman teamed up with New Jack and 2 Cold Scorpio to take on Whipwreck and The Public Enemy (“Flyboy” Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge). The Public Enemy had taken on Whipwreck as a

Time to play The Game Sandman

protege in his efforts to unseat The Sandman as ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Their training methods were…unorthodox. Out of the three Steel Cage Matches from October of 1995, the match from the 10/3/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV is probably the most worthy of your time. The footage comes to us courtesy of ECW Gangstas Paradise from 9/18/1995, as highlights of the match would be featured on the 10/3/95 edition of ECW Hardcore TV. Featuring some insanely violent and creative maneuvers. The Public Enemy and Mikey Whipwreck would get the better of The Sandman, New Jack and ECW World Television Champion, 2 Cold Scorpio. Highlights of footage from a 9/23/95 ECW show would also be shown on the 10/3/95 edition of ECW Hardcore TV. The Sandman, scheduled to face off against Mikey Whipwreck in a match, would be

ECW-Bringing new meaning to the phrase “Hanging from the rafters”.

interrupted by World Championship Wrestling alumni “Superstar” Steve Austin. Before the match could get underway, Austin made his way to the ring. Austin derided The Sportland Café, the audience in attendance, and showed The Sandman a modicum of respect before challenging the ECW World Heavyweight Champion and insulting Whipwreck to the tune of “Bischoff sucks” chants. The match featured great back-and-forth between the two, but a blow from Woman with a Singapore cane allowed The Sandman to pick up a three count for the win. The Sandman and Woman would have words for Mikey Whipwreck on the 10/17/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV, alluding to an upcoming ladder match between the two, all while DEFINITELY NOT Miserlou by Dick Dale plays in the background. On the 10/24/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV, highlights of Mikey Whipwreck challenging The Sandman with Woman for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship were played. Styles would refer the audience back to some of The Sandman’s previous challengers, including Shane “The Dean” Douglas. Austin would again insert himself into the pre-match opening. Austin then dropped all pretense of any respect for the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. The Sandman had enough and caned Austin. The Sandman reminded Austin that this wasn’t Atlanta, this wasn’t World Championship Wrestling before dropping a bomb, that Austin was just a Hulk Hogan wannabe. The ECW locker room emptied out to separate the two superstars, including an ECW newcomer, Konnan. Konnan and The Sandman became embroiled in an

“Lucky Strike” Steve Austin

exchange that Konnan got the better end of before Austin would again pounce on the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Clad in an amazing Galactus shirt, Whipwreck would take The Sandman to the limit, as the two spent a good deal of the match obliterating a nearby steel guardrail. As momentum swung back in The Sandman’s favor, he opted to light a victory cigarette. Only for Austin to emerge from the back with a ladder. Austin shoved the ladder into the gut of The Sandman, stole his cigarette and retreated to the back. With the ladder introduced into the match, both the champion and the challenger would

Learn science, THE ECW WAY!!!

make use of the foreign object. A Bitchin’ Leg Drop to the back of the head of Mikey Whipwreck from the towering heights of the ladder from The Sandman secured a hard-fought victory for the champion. Of course, The Sandman was annoyed, to say the least, that Whipwreck had come so near to having the ECW World Heavyweight Championship within his grasp. The Sandman took his frustrations out on ECW referee Jim Molineaux. To prove that World Championship Wrestling and The World Wrestling Federation hadn’t cornered the market on OJ Simpson references, in a post-match vignette, The Sandman stated that in his next scheduled match against the incorrigible Mikey Whipwreck, that he’d get “so extreme, that Johnny Cochran couldn’t get him out of it.” Woman then emphasized her relationship with the ownership of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, saying that they would own Mikey Whipwreck. Joey Styles would clarify for the ECW audience on the 10/31/95 edition of ECW Hardcore TV that the scheduled Ladder Match between The

Remember this, it’ll all be on the final.

Sandman and Mikey Whipwreck would still require a pinfall or submission to win the match, because it was ECW’s philosophy that, this was how championships were won. This was a riff on The WWF’s variation of the Ladder Match, wherein the championship belt was suspended from the rafters, and the competitors had to unhook and capture the championship belt from its suspension.  With ECW’s Ladder Match rules clarified, On the 10/31/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV, the ECW Universe was then given education about The Sandman, Woman, and Mikey Whipwreck thanks to the 1995 Unabridged

Most public schools won’t teach this, because they’re cowards.

Extreme Encyclopedia. We’d then see just how The Public Enemy was training the apple-cheeked Mikey Whipwreck for his upcoming Ladder Match against The Sandman for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Having mastered basic hoody training previously, Mikey was ready for a more…advanced training regimen. Set in a nearby park, Mikey was ordered by his coach, Johnny Grunge, to run up a ladder, grab a beer from a six-pack hung up in a tree. Whipwreck would then hand Grunge the beer, count to ten and repeat. Moving onto the Ladder Match, “Superstar” Steve Austin again made an appearance before the match could get underway. Steve


Austin said that some people had given him a rough time on his way to the building, referring to him as a Hulk Hogan wannabe, but that he deserved a break. Austin then insulted  Woman, Mikey Whipwreck and The Sandman. Interestingly enough, in his harsh words for Woman, Austin would also insult her husband, WCW booker, “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan. Austin closed out his insults with an issued challenge for the winner of the match, putting Woman over his shoulder and taking her to the back. Without the same restrictions that plagued Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon’s Summerslam 1995 Ladder Match, The Sandman and Mikey Whipwreck were not shy about using the ladder as a weapon. After bringing the ladder crashing down onto the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Mikey sandwiched The Sandman beneath the ladder and hit a diving body splash from the top rope to earn a 3-count win over a bloodied Sandman and his first ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Whipwreck’s former ECW World Tag Team Championship partner, Cactus Jack, would lead the charge of congratulating Mikey Whipwreck. Cactus Jack would be followed by the remainder of the ECW locker room.

ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Pitbulls (Pitbull #1 & Pitbull #2) had their mitts full with a number of contenders. Raven & Stevie Richards faced off against the team at a 10/7/95 ECW show. The match was a Lumberjack Match featuring just two lumberjacks, Big Dick Dudley in the corner of Raven & Stevie Richards, and 911 in the corner of The Pitbulls. Additionally, the match would be refereed by ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon and Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission Referee Bill Alfonso. Highlights of the match were provided on the 10/17/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV. As if having to defend the championships against the diabolical Raven and sycophantic Stevie Richards wasn’t enough, the winners of this championship match would then be

He. Chokeslammed. EVERBODY.

immediately scheduled against the winners of a match between The Public Enemy (“Flyboy” Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) and The Gangstas (Mustafa Saed & New Jack). Pitbull #1 was at a distinct disadvantage in the match, having to wrestle the match with torn tendons in his left arm, thanks to the prior efforts of Raven, Richards and The Dudley Boys. The offense of the challengers was too much, and Pitbull #1 was stretchered out of the match by EMTs, leaving Pitbull #2 to defend the championships by himself. Sensing blood in the water, Sign Guy Dudley, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Chubby Dudley, and Dudley Dudley would attempt to capitalize, attacking veteran ECW enforcer, 911. The Dudley clan would all receive chokeslams for their efforts. With Gordon distracted, Raven devotee, Cactus Jack sped to the ring and nailed the remaining and bloodied Pitbull with a Double-Arm DDT onto a chair. Raven pinned Pitbull #2 to win the ECW World Tag Team Championships. The scheduled match between the winners of The Public Enemy vs. The Gangstas against the new ECW World Tag Team Champions would instead be changed to a Three-Way Dance Match between the newly crowned champions, Raven & Stevie Richards vs. The Public Enemy vs. The Gangstas for that same 10/7/95 show, though highlights of the match weren’t broadcast until the 10/24/95 edition of ECW Hardcore TV. Stevie Richards tried to immediately endear himself to The Gangstas, not wanting to earn the ire of The Gangstas. Raven wouldn’t cow to the intimidating stare of New Jack, and as Joey Styles put it, they were “two profits from alternative cultures come face to face.” The staredown between the two would be shortlived, as Raven & Richards and The Gangstas seemingly entered an agreement to get along just enough to dispose of The Public Enemy.  Having upset New Jack, Richards ensured that the odds were no longer stacked against Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock. Having stacked Richards upon a table, set upon another table, the first table set ablaze, Grunge set the stage for his partner, Rocco Rock to land a devastating moonsault from a chair stacked up on a table balanced against the corner. With Richards devastated, Grunge scored the pinfall, securing The Public Enemy’s fourth reign as ECW World Tag Team Champions. Following the match, an incensed Stevie Richards would interrupt Joey Styles backstage to challenge Johnny Grunge to a “Raggedy-Ass Ho Match” wherein the loser of the match would be forced to wear a dress. Much of this doesn’t age particularly well, with Richards insinuating that The Public Enemy were in a gay relationship together, and with Grunge threatening to drop Richards on all fours and treat him like

Live your truth, Jason.

some boy from Trenton State Prison. Stevie had a new friend to help him in his efforts to humiliate Grunge, a returning Jason. “The Sexiest Friend on Earth” Jason would volunteer to even wear the dress on behalf of Richards, should he lose. Jason proceeds to bring out different dresses and seems pretty fond of wearing them, all of which makes Joey Styles itchy and uncomfortable. ECW World Television Champion, 2 Cold Scorpio ran afoul of the other half of the ECW World Tag Team Champions, “Flyboy” Rocco Rock after a backstage confrontation. The two would find themselves on opposites end of a scheduled Winner Takes All Match. Should Rocco Rock win, he’d win the ECW World Television Championship. Should 2 Cold Scorpio win, he’d win half of the ECW World Tag Team Championships with the freedom to name his own partner as the other half of the ECW World Tag Team Champions.

Cactus Jack’s war with Tommy Dreamer on behalf of Raven continued through the month of October. Closing the 10/3/95 edition of ECW Hardcore TV, Jack started by apologizing for his recent behavior. Cactus Jack pontificated on his passion for professional wrestling in an emotionally intense vignette. He discussed his sacrifices in an effort to get the world to respect professional wrestling, his lost ear. Cactus Jack pushed beyond the limits of what was normally discussed in interviews and promos; the worst and open secrets of professional wrestling-blurring the lines of reality and fantasy. Jack attempted to appeal to the senses of Dreamer, that the ECW fans would be the death of him, and that he’d be better off answering the calls of “Uncle Eric” from World Championship Wrestling. Cactus Jack discussed the worst aspects of the ECW audience, the schadenfreude the audience took great delight in over performers like JT Smith taking a nasty blow to the head on the concrete floor of the ECW Arena.

On the 10/10/95 edition of ECW Hardcore TV, Cactus Jack was given a match against fledgling ECW competitor, El Puerto Riqueño. El Puerto Riqueño had a rough start ahead of him. Prior to the match, he was accosted by “The Sexiest Man on Earth” Jason. The newcomer wouldn’t take the harsh words lightly and threw several of his own back at Jason. Following several cheap shots from Jason, El Puerto Riqueño nailed Jason with three dropkicks to eject him from the ring. Cactus Jack made his way to the ring followed by his messiah, Raven.

Motion to drop an elbow onto the concrete, your honor?

Cactus Jack invited the youngster to forfeit the exhibition, assuring the young wrestler that should they lock up, El Puerto Riqueño would have no future in the sport of professional wrestling and no future in the world. Cactus Jack assured the rookie that should he forfeit, he’d be able to one day tell his grandchildren how he stood face to face in the same ring as a former WCW World Tag Team Champion. El Puerto Riqueño declined the offer and started the match with a flurry of offense, but an attempt at a top rope maneuver left a vulnerable opening for Cactus Jack to take advantage of, knocking El Puerto Riqueño to the outside, laid out on the concrete floor. What followed was a fascinating experiment in the relationship of psychology between the audience and the wrestlers in the ring. It started with the ECW audience in attendance pleading for Cactus Jack to drop his signature elbow from the second rope onto an exposed El Puerto Riqueño. Jack refused, to the boos of the ECW audience. Getting the rookie back into the ring, Jack followed this up with a series of headlock takeovers. Styles on commentary theorized that Cactus Jack was purposefully wrestling the worst match of his career, maybe in all of professional wrestling for the expressed purpose of torturing the ECW fans. The fans fought back, starting a Wave out of boredom. Cactus Jack took to disrespecting El Puerto Riqueño, slapping and spitting on the young wrestler. Cactus Jack threw a battered El Puerto Riqueño to the outside and with the referee distracted, Raven nailed The Evenflow DDT on El Puerto Riqueño to the concrete floor. With the unconscious rookie wrestler rolled back into the ring, Jack rolled El Puerto Riqueño up for the three count. Following the match, Raven ordered his disciple to further demolish the youngster. Cactus Jack refused the call for further violence at first but eventually acquiesced, hitting a signature Stump-Puller Piledriver. Tommy Dreamer had seen enough and rocketed out to the ring with an explosive offense. “The Innovator of Violence” hit both Raven and Cactus Jack with The DDT. With Jack expelled from the ring, lying on the concrete floor, Dreamer finally gave the ECW fans what they wanted, a Cactus Jack Elbow Drop from the apron. The numbers game got the better of Tommy Dreamer, as Raven cut off Dreamer’s offense. Raven and Cactus Jack made their way back into the ring, with their bloodied victim in tow. As Raven readied his childhood rival, Dreamer for an Evenflow DDT onto a steel chair, Jack convinced him not to. Only partially giving in to Jack’s request, Raven instead hit a laid out Dreamer in the back with the chair.

That’s gotta sting

Raven handed the chair to a hesitant Cactus Jack. Again, Jack acquiesced to the demands of Raven, hitting Dreamer with a Double-Arm DDT onto the steel chair. Cactus Jack would head to the back, leaving Raven to attend to Dreamer. Raven stomped away at Tommy, nailing Dreamer with the Evenflow DDT. Jack returned from the back with a roll of barbed wire wrapped around his right arm. His intent was soon made clear, as he nailed a running elbow drop onto the downed Dreamer with his arm wrapped in barbed wire. As a final message to Tommy Dreamer, Raven placed Dreamer on a table, and Cactus Jack hit a diving barbed wire elbow drop from the second rope, driving Dreamer through the table. The ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Pitbulls, made the save, running off

It’s going to be a hot one in the old town tonight.

Cactus Jack and Raven. Later that evening, Cactus Jack would appear in a vignette, addressing Tommy Dreamer directly. Jack talked about his desire to save Dreamer. That in World Championship Wrestling, Tommy Dreamer could be anything, while Cactus Jack deserved to serve in the hell that was ECW. Dreamer responded to his beating with a promo of his own. Tommy Dreamer, much like the ECW audience, was upset that Cactus Jack had been taken from them by Raven. Dreamer announced that he would even up the odds with the help of Terry Funk. At the end of the broadcast on the 10/24/95 edition of Hardcore TV, Dreamer promised to drag the hardcore out of Cactus Jack, that he would soon expose a hardcore side within himself that even Terry Funk couldn’t stomach, and that Tommy Dreamer would sacrifice Raven at the Altar of the Funker.

Continuing his return to the ring, Taz had some comments for Jason and 2 Cold Scorpio on the 10/10/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV, discussing specifically how these two wrestlers would be the first victims on his warpath. Making his

You could say Jason choked.

way to the ring, Taz was greeted by Bill Alfonso. Alfonso, with a microphone in his hand declared that as a result of failing a recent physical, that Taz was unfit to wrestle. This was all a distraction, as Jason took full advantage of the opening to club Taz in the back of the head with a series of devastating early blows to the injured neck of Taz. Jason failed to capitalize on his early offense, and the ECW Universe was introduced to the Kata-Ha-Jime (later to be known as the Tazmission). With Taz having The Steiner Brothers (Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner) watching his back, Jason had his own tag team reinforcements in The Eliminators (Saturn & Kronus). On the 10/31/1995 edition, having beaten Don E. Allen (who’d just been ranked 499 out of 500 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 Wrestlers) and The Broadstreet Bully, The Pitbulls were confronted by their former

Not how you treat a lady

manager, “The Sexiest Man on Earth” Jason. Jason promised to take The Pitbulls back to the heights of the ECW tag team division, but only if they would ditch Francine, and punctuated this with a kick to The Pitbulls valet. Having pulled aggro from The Pitbulls, Jason lured them into a trap wherein The Eliminators attacked. The Eliminators would hit The Pitbulls with their patented double-team maneuver. This was a low sweep kick from Saturn combined with a spinning wheel kick from Kronus that was dubbed Hurricane Eliminator. This move would later be called Total Elimination. With The Pitbulls down, Rick Steiner and Taz made the save, ejecting Jason and his Eliminators from the ring.

When he wasn’t busy injecting himself into the matches of The Sandman and Mikey Whipwreck, “Superstar” Steve Austin spent the rest of his time lampooning Eric Bischoff and World Championship Wrestling. Understandably

A world without pyro presents to you…

bitter that Bischoff and WCW hadn’t seen the future legend’s potential, Austin declared on the 10/10/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV that no one could hold him back now. With a fire lit under Austin, on the 10/31/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV, Austin filmed a skit poking fun at “Monday Nyquil – Where the big boys play with each other”. Popping a lap full of balloons, because he was forced to fire the pyrotechnician via telephone, Austin introduced us to “Bongo”. Austin explained that “Brain” couldn’t be there with them, but not to worry, he had his secretary call “Brain”, leave a message, and when “Brain” returns his call, he’d fire him, too. Interestingly enough, Austin would punctuate several lines with “and that’s the bottom line”. Austin assured that tonight on “Monday Nyquil” we’d see in the main event, a “bottle of Geritol on a pole” match. Austin closed the skit out, alluding to the fact that Eric Bischoff didn’t know the names of any of the holds in professional wrestling. ECW didn’t shy away from shots at the World Wrestling Federation, either. On the 10/17/1995 edition of Hardcore TV, Joey Styles took a shot at Bruce Prichard as Brother Love. Styles wasn’t done, though. He moved on towards criticizing the World Wrestling Federation’s recent and short-lived hiring of notable racist, Bill Watts, wondering if Watts had time to attend the Million Man March with Detective Mark Fuhrman (a racist detective involved with the OJ Simpson/Nicole Simpson murder case) and Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott (she was most well known for her controversial behavior during her tenure as owner of the Reds, which included slurs towards African-Americans, Jewish people, and persons of Japanese ancestry. She was banned from managing the team by Major League Baseball from 1996 through 1998 due to her statements in support of the German domestic policies of Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler; shortly afterward, she sold the majority of her share in the team).

What a nerd…

Having been introduced to the ECW Universe last month, Rey Misterio Jr. and Psicosis faced off again in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match on the 10/17/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV. If you’re a fan of today’s cruiserweights, I’d advise seeking this match out, as a predecessor for what you can see today in places like 205 Live. With last month’s Superman-inspired attire, Misterio debuted a Batman-inspired look; this trend would continue throughout Misterio’s career. Rey Misterio Jr. captured the all

And knowing is half the battle

-important first fall against his opponent with a surprise hurricanrana. Psicosis offered a handshake to his opponent but instead turned the show of sportsmanship into an enziguri. Having swung momentum back in his favor, with the help of a powerbomb, Psicosis put his submission skills on display, locking Misterio Jr. in a Sharpshooter. The horned wrestler had Misterio laid up in the turnbuckles and went for a running shoulder thrust, but Misterio moved at the last second. With an opening, Misterio performed a cartwheel hurricanrana and followed this

He IS wearing a Batman outfit, after all

by attempting a springboard moonsault, but Psicosis countered with a Tombstone Piledriver to take the second pinfall. The two masked luchadors made their way to the outside as the match continued. Not shying away from the use of weapons or violence, the two made full use of the ECW Arena. Wrapping a chair around the neck of his rival, Misterio shoved Psicosis into the turnbuckle. With the action back in the ring, Psicosis laid Misterio out with a chair over his lifeless body. With Misterio vulnerable, Psicosis hit a monsault corkscrewed into a senton and secured the third pinfall.

With a number of new Dudleys introduced last month, The Dudley Boys introduced the latest member in an already growing family, Buh Buh Ray

Draw your own conclusions about Buh Buh Ray’s origins…

Dudley. On the 10/17/1995 edition of ECW Hardcore TV, The Dudley clan proudly revealed Buh Buh Ray to the world. The stuttering superstar was revealed as the result of Big Daddy Dudley’s obsession with the film “Deliverance“. After all, Dudley wasn’t just a name, but rather a way of life. Raven’s valet, Beulah McGillicutty spent the month of October promoting a mail-in segment called Beulah’s Box in segments that will be sure to make you feel some kind of way.

With that, wrestling fans, we can conclude October of 1995. As always, please check out the episodes of The Wrestling Time Machine covering WWF In Your House 4: Great White North, WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 and October of 1995 in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 with Super-Fly Comics & GamesJared Whittaker. Keep an ear out for next episodes detailing November of 1995 starring myself, Liath, and CHIKARA Pro Wrestling’s Proletariat Boar of Moldova. If you liked the article, please sound off in the comments!!!

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