To the People in my Life

I Said Some Things

Something happened recently. I got into an argument with Darryl Ayo, a comics professional I have respect for. The conversation started regarding the collaborative nature of comics as a medium, specifically regarding who does more work: the writer or the artist. Now while I follow a number of comics professionals on Twitter and Facebook, I personally hadn’t seen anything about artists not being paid or respected recently. That doesn’t mean it hadn’t happened, I just wasn’t aware. My original reply was just that I believe comics to be a collaborative medium, and that it shouldn’t be about who does more. All members of a creative team; writer, artist, inker, letterer, cover artist, etc. deserve to be paid & credited.

Darryl took exception to my comment, and the conversation spiraled into an argument. I take full responsibility for that, and for the offensive gif. I used this gif as a reply. The gif in question featured Daffy Duck tapdancing. My original intent was to show I just wasn’t phased by Darryl or his followers and their negative attitude towards me. Regardless, I was ignorant and insensitive of the problematic imagery of this gif, and what it implied. When I became aware of the meaning of this gif, I deleted it out of respect.

I want to use this post to apologize. I am sorry for the offensive gif I posted. I was ignorant to what that imagery represented to an entire community, an entire race of people.

I firmly believe in equality, that Black Lives Matter. I stand with the Trans Community. I’m a member of the LGBTQIA Community.

While I’m going to make mistakes. What I will try to do moving forward is educating myself further on what is offensive, and being more sensitive to those aggressions.
To the BIPOC community and those in my life, I apologize.

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