Top 10: Figures for NECA’s Gargoyles

Top 10: Figures for NECA’s Gargoyles by Jerry Whitworth

With the surprise announcement of NECA obtaining the Gargoyles license and the release of images of the forthcoming Goliath action figure, social media melted down. The cult favorite animated series from the 1990s, rallies have ridden like waves for Gargoyles to continue. In recent memory, hope sprung from campaigns to stream the series on Disney+ to show interest in the brand and from director Jordan Peele allegedly pursuing a feature film adapting it. Pre-orders have already begun for Goliath as five action figure sculpts are completed and more are in development. With a figure planned to be revealed every month, lets take a look at what could be coming down the line.


The daughters of Oberon, guards of Avalon, and enchanters of Demona and Macbeth, Luna, Phoebe, and Seline are best known as the Weird Sisters. Inspired by the characters in the play Macbeth, the trio are a prominent fixture of Gargoyles primarily as antagonists of the Manhattan and Avalon clans. As figures, they are completely identical save their hair color. This means they could have a single body with three interchangeable heads. In other words, a collector on a budget could buy one figure or if their finances are more robust, three of the same for a display. As changelings, there are also a number of possibilities for variants including as hags, gargoyles, teenagers, and children.


Biological daughter of Goliath and Demona, Angela was raised on Avalon before being reunited with her father. A featured character of the second season, Angela joined the Manhattan clan and started dating Broadway. Being a gargoyle, Angela would have wings with articulation and could have a stone variant.




Clone of Goliath made by Dr. Anton Sevarius and programmed by David Xanatos, Thailog looks exactly like Goliath but with a different color scheme. After his initial appearance, Thailog adopted steel armor with red accents reminiscent of Xanatos’ power armor. As such, as a figure, there’s at least two variants (pre and post-armor) which itself is a Goliath variant that can also have a “Future Tense” Shock Trooper variant. Accessory wise, it would make sense for the figure to come with an energy rifle.


The Manhattan clan’s second-in-command and leader of the clan’s adolescent trio, Brooklyn will almost undoubtedly be made as a figure at some point. Possible accessories could include a leather jacket and head wearing a helmet and sunglasses when he had a motorcycle (which itself could be produced as part of the line). As with Angela, since Brooklyn’s a gargoyle, a stone variant is possible as is his costume from “Future Tense” and TimeDancer as well as his human form. Speaking of TimeDancer, the Phoenix Gate also makes sense as an accessory.


The robot army of David Xanatos, the Steel Clan are modeled after Goliath in appearance with a jetpack on their back to enable true flight rather than simple gliding. Perfect for army building, the Steel Clan can come in “Future Tense” and “The Gathering” variants.





Goliath’s mentor and the elder of the Manhattan clan, Hudson is distinctive in being obese, a scarred left eye, and his falchion sword he took from a viking attacker. One of the more popular characters in the series, Hudson would of course need to come with his signature weapon and could also have a television remote control as an accessory. Being a gargoyle, he could have a stone variant as well as a human form.


The Scottish king of the titular play, Macbeth is mystically intertwined with Demona as her immortal enemy. Alternating from friend and foe of the Manhattan clan, Macbeth would be an accessory trove. Taser pistols, energy rifle, sword, smoke bombs, goggle-wearing head, Hunter mask head, and the Scottish crown, Macbeth has the goods. A variant that could be produced would be him when he was a king with a young head and an old head. And if there will be vehicles, he had a hover aircraft and his Xanatos robot double employed a sky sled. Macbeth also supplied air bikes for his underlings that he stored in his aircraft.


A New York police detective, Elisa Maza is the daughter of a cop and granddaughter of a Hopi medicine man. The Manhattan clan’s first true ally in the modern world, Elisa serves almost as prominently in the series as Goliath. Her likely accessories would be a handgun, police badge, and pet cat Cagney. Variants could include her gargoyle form and the two times she went undercover. If vehicles are made, her car based on the design of the Ford Fairlane would be perfect.




Generally the primary antagonist of the series (when he’s not an ally), David Xanatos is one of the wealthiest men on Earth and a Machiavellian genius. Without a doubt, Xanatos will have a figure, the only really question is what variants will be made. His red power armor based on Goliath is a given (with two heads, helmeted and non-helmeted) as his business suit design is likely and could include an energy rifle and pistol. Other possible variants could include his armors from “Future Tense” and “The Gathering.” Regarding vehicles, there’s Xanatos’ signature red and black helicopter.


Goliath’s former mate and second-in-command, Angela’s mother, and Macbeth’s mystically intertwined nemesis, Demona is one of the most prominent characters in the series. In addition to her gargoyle form, she could also have variants in stone form, human form, Dominique Destine persona, “Future Tense” appearance, and elderly gargoyle. Some likely accessories would be an energy rifle and cannon and spiked mace.


Honorable mentions: Broadway, Fox, Lexington, Archmage, Coyote (robot), Coldstone, Bronx, Puck, Wolf, Talon, Oberon, Coldsteel, Griff, Titania, Coldfire, Tom the Guardian, Leo, Magus, Jackal, Hyena, Fang, Dingo, Gillecomgain the Hunter, Jon Canmore/John Castaway, Kai, Robyn Canmore, Alexander “Fox” Xanatos (Future Tense), Jason Canmore, Una, Maggie the Cat, Claw, Hakon, Delilah, Owen Burnett, Arthur Pendragon, Sora, Anton Sevarius, Yama, Odin, Matt Bluestone, Xanatos Security Force, Proteus, Nokkar, Quarryman, Burbank, Boreas, Tony Dracon, Malibu, Gabriel, Taro, Banquo, Katana, Taurus, Raven, Fleance, Hollywood, Helios, Glasses, Zafiro, Ekidna, Brentwood, Talos, Matrix, Boudicca, Vinnie Grigori, Talon Commando, Ophelia, Thailog Shock Trooper, Turquesa, Red Ninja, Kiron, Nashville, Jade, Fu-Dog, Obsidiana, and Nought.

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