Top 10: Figures for Super7’s SilverHawks Ultimates

Top 10: Figures for Super7’s SilverHawks Ultimates by Jerry Whitworth

At the start of the year, Super7 announced it acquired the license to produce merchandise based on the SilverHawks brand and recently released images for their first action figures. SilverHawks Ultimates arrives in Spring 2022 and will initially include Quicksilver, Steelheart, Buzz-Saw, and Mon*Star. Following the success of ThunderCats, SilverHawks featured the adventures of Earth-born cyborg peacekeepers in the 29th century known as the SilverHawks as they battled the Mon*Star Gang in the galaxy of Limbo. Airing for one season of 65 episodes in 1986 with a toyline from Kenner the following year, SilverHawks emerged at a time when the action figure market collapsed under its own weight as the likes of G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, and Transformers struggled on store shelves. Super7 previously acquired the license to produce ThunderCats merchandise including an Ultimates line with four waves thus far (with a Thundertank coming in Winter 2022) and a ReAction line with two waves. Only time will tell if TigerSharks is in the future. Lets take a look at what figures could emerge in future waves of SilverHawks Ultimates.


Commanding officer of the SilverHawks, Commander Stargazer is a model of cyborg three centuries the senior of the series’ primary heroes. Spending that time watching over Limbo and being the entity that previously kept Mon*Star and his underlings in check, it’s alluded in the series the peacekeeper was near retirement when Mon*Star again escaped imprisonment prompting Stargazer to request aid in a new generation of SilverHawk. With their arrival, Stargazer took a step back from active duty to mentor the new heroes and guide them in their struggles. With the emergence of Quicksilver as field leader of Limbo’s SilverHawks, Stargazer passed onto him the weapon-bird Tally-Hawk as at some point the commander acquired another fighting hawk in Sly-Bird which specialized in covert surveillance. A prominent fixture of the brand, Stargazer largely appears more as a plain clothes investigator with some golden robotic features making him less visually appealing as compared to most of his fellow Hawks.


Arguably Mon*Star’s most trusted subordinate, Hardware was one of the few members of the Mon*Star gang not imprisoned on the Penal Planet. An arms dealer and inventor, Hardware typically supplied Mon*Star’s group with their tools and weapons. Upon seeing the effectiveness of Tally-Hawk for the SilverHawks, he developed the weapon-birds used by the villains starting with Sky Shadow for his leader. For himself, Hardware produced Prowler which transformed from a handheld cylinder into a Pteranodon-like robot able to carry him in its claws. Generally, he partnered with Windhammer in the Zoomer or Road-Star. Notable for his roll-up bag carried across his shoulders, it unfurled to a contain a myriad of items including tools like a hammer and screwdriver, various machine components, and weapons including blades, energy blasters, and a spiked flail.


The first SilverHawk to emerge that wasn’t part of the initial group sent to deal with Mon*Star’s escape from prison, Hotwing was chosen as a receptacle for mystical energies giving him the power of illusion. Adorned in gold-colored armor with red flame accents, its argumentative if Hotwing is fully human given his pointy ears. These elements give the character a unique, dramatic look. Aside from the Copper Kidd who is alien, Hotwing was the only SilverHawk that was not Caucasian. His weapon-bird was Gyro which spun and flashed bright light.


Along with Mumbo-Jumbo and Buzz-Saw, Windhammer was one of Mon*Star’s larger servants with arguably the most monstrous appearance (though only wearing a tunic gives him a bit of a plain presentation). However, the villain is best known for his massive tuning fork that could produce a variety of weather conditions even in the vacuum of space. Among this phenomenon is electricity he produced as green and yellow lightning, the former for offense and latter for travel. He was often depicted traveling in the Zoomer or Road-Star with Hardware. In the Kenner toyline, Windhammer was the only action figure to not come with a weapon-bird.


A master of disguise, Mo-Lec-U-Lar is Mon*Star’s expert of espionage able to transform into seemingly anyone and even copy the powers and abilities of others by use of the mysterious Frisbee ring he carries. For travel, he is even able to turn into a rocket and take flight. Although, the Zoomer or Road-Star was often more his style where he chauffeured Mumbo Jumbo. Mo-Lec-U-Lar has a unique, alien design as effectively a cluster of yellow spheres in a vague humanoid form with a central translucent sphere featuring an atom-shaped construct in its center. The rogue’s weapon-bird if Volt-Ure which is also able to transform if it’s in the vicinity of Mo-Lec-U-Lar when he employs his Frisbee.


Pilot of the SilverHawks’ aerial transport Maraj, Bluegrass is an otherwise flightless member of the original team of five. A talented musician, Bluegrass’ weapon of choice is Hot Licks, a guitar able to unleash powerful energy blasts. Additionally, Sideman is the pilot’s weapon-bird capable of also turning into a guitar like Hot Licks. Bluegrass has a bright blue metal skin and wears a red handkerchief around his neck and a cowboy hat with his lower legs resembling cowboy boots.


The only female member of Mon*Star’s mob and, along with Poker-Face, the only core member of the group to not become an action figure from Kenner, Melodia is considered Bluegrass’ nemesis as she too uses music as a weapon. However, while Bluegrass had the guitar Hot Licks, Melodia employed the keytar Sound Smasher. Her mode of transportation was the Limbo Limo often with Yes-Man. Notable for her lush green hair and quaver sunglasses, the character is clearly modeled after a pop star of the 1980s. As with many toylines of that era, action figure brands typically only produced a single female character believing boys only wanted male toys so Steelheart’s inclusion meant Kenner wouldn’t produce a Melodia figure. With a change in times and attitudes, there’s almost no doubt Melodia will be fast tracked for Ultimates. The character was one of a handful of the primary members of the Mon*Star mob not to have a weapon-bird (along with Windhammer and Poker-Face).


Mon*Star’s primary muscle, Mumbo Jumbo resembles a mechanical Minotaur. Featuring an earth tone color pattern, Mumbo was generally a sparring partner for the Steel twins and could transform into a giant bull. He also often accompanied Mo-Lec-U-Lar in battle, traveling via the Zoomer or Road-Star through space. Communicating in grunts, the villain has a simple yet dramatic and iconic appearance. His weapon-bird is Airshock which transforms into a large mallet.


Child prodigy hailing from the Planet of the Mimes, Copper Kidd is the youngest member of the SilverHawks. Adorned in orange metal skin with white and blue flesh on his face and arm, the Kidd communicates through tones and whistles. Armed with razor-edged discs that act like boomerangs, the young hero is small and agile but his mind is his greatest weapon. One of his creations in rocket skates aided him in battle on several occasions. The Kidd’s weapon-bird is May-Day which specialized in tracking and stalking.


Powerhouse of the SilverHawks, Steelwill is the twin brother of Steelheart who are the primary mechanics for the team. When the Steel twins saw Stargazer’s partner Tally-Hawk, they were inspired to develop weapon-birds for the rest of the team. Steelwill made Rayzor for himself which is able to transform into a battle ax. The Steel twins have dark blue metal skin and Steelwill’s masked head resembles a football helmet. With Steelheart already in the first wave and Steelwill’s prominence in the brand, it would be virtually unimaginable he wouldn’t be in the second wave.

Honorable mentions: Flashback w/ Backlash, Yes-Man, Sky-Runner, Moon Stryker w/ Tail-Spin, Poker-Face, Condor w/ Jet Stream, Bounty Hunter, Zero the Memory Thief, Timestopper, Professor Power, Space Bandit, Rhino, and Cyclops.

NOTE: This article makes ample use of the licensed art of Argentinian illustrator Francisco Etchart. I implore you to seek out his art including all of the characters in the honorable mentions.

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