Top 10: Figures for Super7’s G.I. Joe Ultimates

Top 10: Figures for Super7’s G.I. Joe Ultimates by Jerry Whitworth

With Super7 getting the license to produce a Super Cyborg Cobra B.A.T. from G.I. Joe and three waves of Transformers Ultimates toys currently in the pipeline, chances are better than good a G.I. Joe Ultimates line is only a matter of time. And with a mysterious social media announcement of news of a future collaboration between the brands coming July 15th, the odds are even better. Like with many of the Ultimate figures we’ve seen up to this point, these toys will be based on the popular animated variations of the past. Keeping this in mind, the featured characters will be based on G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (mixed with unique looking options from the comics and toyline that didn’t get animated). So, lets see what could be in the works.


Along with Scarlett, Lady Jaye is one of the most prominent female members of the Joe team. An expert of disguise and undercover work, Jaye is best recognized for her variety of trick javelins she employs in combat. Forming a strong bond with fellow Joe Flint, the pair frequently partnered up on assignments and developed a rivalry with Destro and the Baroness. A Lady Jaye Ultimates figure would undoubtedly come with a notable assortment of javelins.



One of the most popular Joes to come out of the brand, Roadblock is a gentle giant heavy gunner who is a gourmet chef in his off hours. Typically shown brandishing his .50 Browning machine gun, the character more often than not was shown tossing Cobra operatives around like they were made of paper. He met his match, however, when he battled Nemesis Enforcer in Cobra-La where he aided Cobra Commander in his escape from his homeland. Roadblock’s figure would have to come with his trademark firearm and likely to include a separate head adorned in his chef’s hat.


Emperor of Cobra, Serpentor was made from the DNA of history’s greatest military leaders and warriors. Replacing Cobra Commander after his numerous blunders costing his organization victories over the Joe team, the Cobra Emperor was superior in every way and yet still continued to fail against America’s heroes. Recognized by his golden cobra armor, green cape, and sentient cobra javelins, he often is shown in flight on his Air Chariot. An Ultimates figure would have to have removable shoulder cobras, straightened cobra javelins, and a silver dagger.


The highest ranking woman in Cobra, the Baroness is an expert of disguise and infiltration. Known for her trademark eyeglasses and black body armor, she is often seen in the company of her lover Destro as the duo found nemeses in the pair of Flint and Lady Jaye. Typically depicted with some form of automatic rifle, her figure could also come with a bottle of perfume alluding to the time she used such to enslave the minds of men.


Typically depicted as Cobra Commander’s second-in-command, Destro is a Scottish laird and arms dealer through his corporation M.A.R.S. (Military Armament Research Syndicate). His face encased in a chrome Beryllium steel mask, Destro’s fore-bearers donned the ornament for over twenty generations. Often paired with his lover the Baroness, the pair regularly betrayed Cobra Commander whose incompetence often lead to his own organization’s downfall. The malevolent couple also developed an ongoing rivalry with G.I. Joe’s Flint and Lady Jaye. The figure is likely to come with an energy pistol and wrist rockets.


Field leader of the G.I. Joe team, Duke answered directly to General Flagg and later General Hawk. Largely the face of the brand, he featured in the most episodes from the Joe side. It wasn’t uncommon for Duke to be paired with fellow Joe Scarlett leading to speculation about their relationship. Without a doubt, Duke will find his way to Ultimates. If not for the meteoric rise of a certain mute commando, he would likely be in its first wave. His figure is likely to come with his trademark rifle, an American flag on a pole, and a head adorned with a green helmet.


One of the most prominent female members of the Joes (along with Lady Jaye), Scarlett is a red head known for wielding her trademark crossbow. Hailing from a family who dedicated their lives to the martial arts, the sole daughter of four stood out as a truly superior fighter. It wasn’t uncommon for Scarlett to team with Duke leading to speculation about their relationship. In the comics, however, the character was closely tied to Snake-Eyes as being part of his origin to becoming the Joe’s mute commando as well as his true love which, given his rise to fame, helped launch Scarlett to a status in the fandom higher than that of Lady Jaye. Today, Scarlett is the better known quantity to the casual fan which makes her prime for Ultimates. As noted, a Scarlett figure has to come with her crossbow.


Cobra’s most capable agent, Storm Shadow is a highly trained ninja dressed in white that carried a notable rivalry with Spirit and then Quick Kick. In the comics, Storm Shadow was Snake-Eyes’ best friend when they served together in the Army. After their service, the former invited the latter to train at his ancestral ninja clan where Snake-Eyes became a ninja to outperform all others, his friend included. When the pair’s master was assassinated, Storm Shadow was suspected and went on the run. He eventually ended up working for Cobra while Snake-Eyes joined G.I. Joe. The two ninja on opposite sides of conflict have been intertwined ever since and featured prominently in the brand to this day. A Storm Shadow Ultimates figure is a must and will come with a few accessories: katana sword, wakizashi sword, yumiya bow and arrow, shuriken throwing stars, shuko clawed hands, and ashiko clawed feet.


The primary antagonist of the G.I. Joe brand whose reflective visage is nothing short of iconic, Cobra Commander is in many ways the true face of the franchise. While there’s a literal army of Joes, until the emergence of the likes of Serpentor, Golobulus, and Overlord, there was only one leader of Cobra and through the decades, Cobra Commander has consistently returned to that position. A G.I. Joe Ultimates line has to include the character. They couldn’t make it without him. The figure should include an energy pistol as well as a cape and scepter like his design from the 1987 movie. While a hooded head is a must, heads based on his appearance in the 1987 movie (Cobra-La scientist, disfigured Cobra-La scientist, and Snake Man) would be amazing. An eventual variant in Old Snake is almost certainly in mind given Super7’s service to the bizarre, intriguing, and obscure.


Created as a cheap figure to round out the initial sixteen of the line’s first wave, Snake-Eyes was simply referred to as a commando and master of twelve different martial arts including forms of Karate, Kung Fu, and Jujitsu. A secondary character in the cartoon, the toy proved to be wildly popular as his backstory was fleshed out the comics to be a ninja with a rich history with Storm Shadow and Scarlett. Snake-Eyes was quickly re-issued in the toyline with a slightly modified figure the following year and today, has over five dozen subsequent figures. The character has become so significant within the brand, he was prominently featured in both of G.I. Joe’s live action films (nearly starring in the second motion picture) and will star in the first solo movie for the property. He is an entity unto himself and will certainly be part of the Ultimates line, if not in several forms. The figure would have to come with his pet wolf Timber, sub-machine gun, sword, and grenades.

Honorable mentions: Sgt. Slaughter, Flint, Nemesis Enforcer, Zartan, Dr. Mindbender, Jinx, Crimson Twins, Quick Kick, Zarana, Shipwreck, Spirit, Pythona, Golobulus, Firefly, General Hawk, Beach Head, Cobra-La Royal Guard, Stalker, B.A.T., Rocky Balboa, Cover Girl, Doc, Cobra Soldier, Gung-Ho, Deep Six, Buzzer, Crimson Guard, Alpine, Bazooka, Viper, Barbecue, Ripper, Torch, Overlord, Blowtorch, Low-Light, Zandar, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, Big Boa, Colonel Brekhov, Croc Master, Horrorshow, Raptor, Daina, Alley Viper, Wong, Voltar, Night Creeper, Wild Bill, Metal-Head, Scoop, Crystal Ball, Captain Grid-Iron, Darklon, Budo, T.A.R.G.A.T., Monstro-Viper, Robo-Joe, Predacon, Billy Kessler, Spasma, Tunnel Rat, Wild Weasel, Big Lob, Desert Scorpion, Airtight, Eel, Dusty, Snow Serpent, Snow Job, Major Bludd, Sci-Fi, Frag-Viper, Lifeline, Wet-Suit, Dark Ninja Master, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Red Dog, Taurus, Ninja Force/Commandos/Battles/Strike Team, Range-Viper, Mr. C, and Ghostblade-Oni.

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