Stargirl Season Three’s Villain Revealed

Stargirl Season Three’s Villain Revealed by Jerry Whitworth

Much like the final moments of the first season finale, the second season of Stargirl ended giving fans a tease of what threat the series’ heroes will face in the upcoming season subtitled “Frenemies.” Of course, there will be S P O I L E R S for Stargirl‘s second season so you’ve been warned. With the defeat of Eclipso and the return of Sylvester Pemberton, “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen” featured the appearance of Mister Bones in its final moments. Voice acted by Keith David, Bones appears to be in charge of the Helix Institute investigated by Jennie-Lynn Hayden during her search for her brother Todd earlier in the season. This development appears to indicate the emergence of the villain group Helix for the show’s future.

Created in the pages of Infinity, Inc. (which featured the sidekicks and offspring of the Justice Society), Helix was the name of a group of people with extraordinary abilities unlocked due to the genetic tinkering of a mad scientist named Dr. Benjamin Love. A gynecologist in the 1960s, Love injected several pregnant women with an experimental drug. When six of the mothers gave birth on the same night, Love kidnapped the babies and raised them in secret away from prying eyes. Developing super powers and admiring the Justice Society’s exploits on the television, the youths took on costumed personas in Mr. Bones, Arak the Wind-Walker, Baby Boom, Kritter, Penny Dreadful, and Tao Jones. Believing themselves to be freaks that Love raised out of the kindness of his heart, they eventually learned the truth of their origins from their caretaker’s journal. Enraged, they plotted to kill Love and become supervillains targeting the hero group Infinity, Inc. Over time, they sought out other children transformed by Love adding Carcharo to their ranks and revealing Infinity, Inc. member Wildcat as being a product of Love’s experimentation (as well as Carcharo’s cousin). In time, Bones left Helix and aligned with Infinity, Inc. until a foe of the group forced Bones and their ally Solomon Grundy to kill Skyman (Sylvester Pemberton). Later, Bones became the director of the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) where he supported characters like Cameron Chase and Manhunter. Stargirl features actress Lynne Ashe as Louise Love, a subordinate of Mr. Bones in the Helix Institute.

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