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Top 10: Spectacular Spider-Man Season Three Villains

Top 10: Spectacular Spider-Man Season Three Villains by Jerry Whitworth

With the recent acquisition of Spectacular Spider-Man for Netflix‘s catalog of titles, fans are re-living the series as new fans are discovering it. Proving to be popular for the streaming service, hopes have been renewed that if enough interest is generated, Sony could work out a deal with the streamer and Disney to continue the show. Running for two seasons starting in 2008, Spectacular Spider-Man became a popular re-invention of the titular character’s mythos integrating elements of the live action films, past cartoons, and the comic (including the Ultimate incarnation) supported by a toyline from Hasbro. Despite its success, Spectacular was canceled when Disney purchased Marvel because the show was produced by Sony. Series co-runner Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Young Justice) has a rule about not spoiling his shows on the off chance they could be saved but has teased what a third season would have entailed. Lets take a look at some of the villains that would appear if the show returned for another season.

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