About Us and About the Shows

Nerdfect Strangers is a podcast hosted by Bobby Fisher, who started recording the show originally in August of 2014 with original co-host and all -around nice guy/rock star, Jonathan Rodriguez. Since March of 2015 the show has been hosted by Bobby and another all-around nice guy/cool comics blogger, Jerry Whitworth, and, as of  September 2015, Mister Glenn Walker, who was a real good friend. Sadly, Glenn passed away in 2017. In February of 2018, Jerry & Bobby were joined by Kenny Taylor of First Aid Comics, and since then have become great friends!

On Nerdfect Strangers, we talk about all things nerdy and geeky including but not limited to: comics, professional wrestling, video games, nerd news, movies and TV. We record on a semi-monthly basis, as our schedules will allow. We occasionally have guests on to help promote their projects.

Contact & Follow Nerdfect Strangers:
E-Mail the show, we’ll read your email on the show: nerdfectstrangers@gmail.com
Follow us on Twitter: @NFStrangers
Like us on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/NerdfectStrangers

You can find Bobby:
Facebook: Bobby Fisher
Twitter: @SpaceKingBobby
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You can find Jerry:
Facebook: Jerry D. Whitworth
Twitter: @barnivous 
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You can find Kenny:
Facebook: Kenneth Jo Jack Taylor
Twitter: @DOCTORtheeKENye
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Kenny also co-hosts the 3 Count Nation Podcast, follow them on
Twitter @NationCount

The Wrestling Time Machine Podcast was started in late October of 2017, with Bobby and new co-host, Liath Grey. The Wrestling Time Machine Podcast discusses all the aspects from The Attitude Era of Professional Wrestling, discussing the Big 3 American Promotions of the time, the WWE/WWF, ECW, and WCW. We discuss the good, the bad, the ugly…and the very silly.

Contact & Follow The Wrestling Time Machine:
You can email the show, we’ll read your email on the show: thewrestlingtimemachine@gmail.com
Follow us on Twitter: @WrestlTimMach
Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/WrestlingTimeMachine/
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You can find Bobby:
Facebook: Bobby Fisher
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Tumblr: Space King Bobby’s Blog
Tumblr: Space King Comics

You can find Liath:
Twitter: @Pariah_Layne 

The Pokémon Mind & Body podcast was started in March of 2018. This is a narrative-based podcast, wherein players Sky Ertl & Bobby Fisher are joined by DM Lucas Gates, to explore the wide and wonderful world of Pokémon, in the Ekos region.

Interested in joining the show as a guest trainer or Gym Leader? You can email the show: PKMNMindBody@gmail.com
Follow the show on Facebook: Pokémon: Mind & Body
Follow the show on Twitter: @PokemonMindBody

You can find Lucas:
Facebook: Lucas Gates
Twitter: @GMstarson
Youtube: GM Starson

You can find Sky:
Facebook: Sky Ertl
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Tumblr: Sandwich Surplus
Sky also co-hosts Pop Culture Failure, follow them on Twitter: @FailedPopCultur

You can find Bobby:
Facebook: Bobby Fisher
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Tumblr: Space King Bobby’s Blog
Tumblr: Space King Comics

Check out Evette Fisher at Evette Makes Things, for unique and cool, nerdy things. Evette makes plushies (Nerdy Birds, Wrassle Buddies), Nerdy Badges, Jewelry, Dreamcatchers, Independent Comix, and Art. Evette is also open for commissions.

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