About Us and About the Show

Nerdfect Strangers is a podcast hosted by Bobby Fisher, who started recording the show originally in August of 2014 with original co-host and all -around nice guy/rock star, Jonathan Rodriguez. Since March of 2015 the show has been hosted by Bobby and another all-around nice guy/cool comics blogger, Jerry Whitworth, and, as of  September 2015, Mister Glenn Walker, who is also a real class act! We talk about all things nerdy and geeky including but not limited to: comics, wrestling, video games, nerd news, movies and tv. We record on a semi-monthly basis, as our schedules will allow. We have various co-hosts and occasionally guests.

Contact Us:
You can email the show at nerdfectstrangers@gmail.com
Follow us on Twitter @NFStrangers
Like us on Facebook www.Facebook.com/NerdfectStrangers

You can find Bobby:
on Facebook as Bobby Fisher
on Twitter  and Tumblr @SpaceKingBobby

You can find Jerry:
Facebook as Jerry D. Whitworth
Twitter @Barnivous
Jerry also writes for ComicArtCommunity.com

You can find Glenn
Facebook as  Glenn Walker
Twitter @Monsura
Glenn also writes for BiffBamPop.com

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