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Young Justice S01 E11: Terrors

ayj1This episode features the first animated appearance of the Terror Twins, who had previously appeared in the comic Young Justice #0, which took place between “Fireworks” and “Welcome to Happy Harbor.” Southern super-strong badasses Tommy and Tuppence Terror can leap long distances and are highly durable, if not invulnerable. In our opener, once more narrated breaking news style by Cat Grant, the Terror Twins are in New Orleans, holding their own against Superman and the Martian Manhunter. Yeah, that’s how tough they are, but as usual with “Young Justice,” there’s more here than meets the eye. Looks like orange could be the new black for two members of our team…

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Young Justice S01 E03: Welcome to Happy Harbor


We open on Star City, and Speedy appears to be going it alone against metahuman street thug Brick and his gang. Brick has some good monologuing about Green Arrow sending his kid to do his job. Speedy’s not alone however, the three original Young Justice members are there as well. It’s a social visit, but Speedy neither wants their company nor help. When they ask him to join, he declines. He doesn’t need them, Arrow, or the League. Wow.

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Young Justice S01 E02: Fireworks

ayj1When last we left our young heroes, they had been incapacitated by Superboy in the depths of Project Cadmus. As we open, we and Dr. Desmond encounter The Light, the organization behind Cadmus. These shimmering holographic images are unidentifiable at this point, but eventually we learn they are a powerful super-villain cartel not unlike the Secret Society of Super-Villains, a cross between the Legion of Doom and the Illuminati, if you will.

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